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Case erectors, sometimes known as case formers, help your operations build boxes. From fully-automated to semi-automated, case erectors form boxes, trays and cases for drop loading and packaging in health, food and consumer product industries.

If you need boxes or cases of any kind to boost your production, case erectors from Neway Packaging are a smart investment. They can speed up your whole operation, since even simple models can create ten boxes per minute, and automated models can produce many more.

Case erectors have other advantages besides speed, as well. With a case erector, you can run a leaner operation, with fewer staff houses needed, meaning you save money on operating costs. Operator-free machinery can also free up worker time for more important tasks, which is important when skilled labor is hard to find. In addition, case erectors can reduce injury risk and the risk of repetitive strain injury for workers. By building sturdy boxes correctly, they can also protect products from shipping and inventory damage.

Which Case Erectors Are Right for Your Business?

There are many case formers with different features and benefits on the market. At Neway Packaging, we can help ensure you get the right machine for your needs. When choosing a case erector, you may wish to consider:

  • An IPG automatic case erector: Since 1981, Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (IPG) has been a leader in case formers for retail and industrial applications. With headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, and Montreal, Quebec, IPG ships its products around the world. An IPG automatic case erector can be used with the company’s unique water-activated tape for a highly secure closure. An IPG case former produces up to ten ready-to-pack boxes per minute with precision technology.
  • A Wexxar Bel case erector: Wexxar Bel has been a trusted brand of case forming, sealing and tray forming equipment since 1977. Machinery from this company can help your enterprise put together anything from a simple box to an oversized or specialty corrugated container. A durable Wexxar Bel semi auto case erector streamlines a hand pack line by automatically forming the bottom of a carton, while a Wexxar Bel automatic case erector takes folded boxes and forms them with a seal at the bottom, producing boxes ready for packing in just seconds.

Why Get Your Case Former From Neway Packaging?

If your business packages any material in boxes, a case former can save you countless hours of labor and ensure each box is sealed correctly. Today’s case erectors are feature-rich and offer more options than ever before. Neway Packaging has more than fifty years of combined experience in material packaging, and we’ve done the research necessary to tell you which machines are the most reliable.

At Neway Packaging, we'll use our expertise to help you find the right case-forming solution for your needs. Contact us to learn more about case formers and how they can help you maximize your operational efficiency.