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Custom Chipboard Packaging


Chipboard or paperboard packaging is an economical way to ship items to customers. Chipboard is thin, flat and sturdy, helping you save costs and space. The neat appearance and versatility make it an excellent choice for businesses.

What Is Chipboard?

Chipboard is a material often used for packaging. It’s made from wood pulp and is slightly thicker and more robust than paper. It doesn’t have the corrugated flutes and channels inside like many cardboard packaging products, making it cost-efficient and space-saving.

The boxes or sheets come in various sizes, thicknesses and applications depending on your needs. The sustainable solution comes from trees — a renewable energy source — and can be recycled after use.

What Is Chipboard Packaging Used For? 

Chipboard packaging can be used in many ways, including product boxes, chipboard pads, pallet sheets, edge and strap protectors and push-pull sheets. This packaging type is also ideal for apparel boxes, gift boxes, business cards and lightweight retail items.

Types of Chipboard Packaging Products

Chipboard boxes and sheets are sturdy, eco-friendly and cost-effective, making them a popular packaging solution for food, electronics, jewelry and craft items.

Neway Packaging offers three standard chipboard solution types for your business, plus custom solutions.

1. Cake Boxes

Chipboard cake boxes are ideal for bakery items like pies, donuts, cakes and cookies:

  • White lock-corner cake box: This white chipboard box is available in various sizes and dimensions and comes with custom printing options. All of which makes it an ideal packaging solution.
  • Pink lock-corner cake box: Similar to the white-lock corner box, the pink cake box is available in multiple sizes and is customizable upon request.
  • Donut trays with holes: Sturdy donut trays are easy to assemble, and you can request printing on them.
  • Donut tray without holes: These chipboard food boxes offer easy setup, stability and personalization with printing.

2. Reverse Tuck End (RTE) Boxes

Kraft reverse tuck end boxes come in various sizes and dimensions. They are lightweight and an environmentally friendly packaging solution for businesses.

This type is used for custom product boxes and perfectly delivers and presents medium and lightweight items. Benefits of these chipboard boxes include:

  • Easy assembly: You simply tuck and fold the flaps to make the box ready to use. 
  • Flat storage: RTE boxes are delivered flat, making storage a cinch. 
  • Cost efficiency: Kraft reverse tuck packages often cost less than regular tuck boxes.
  • Highly customizable: You can easily request printing — the perfect way to promote your brand and communicate with customers.

3. Chipboard Pads

Chipboard sheets or pads are ideal for layering products in boxes or making a mailer more sturdy to protect documents, sensitive items, artwork or photos in transit or storage. The sturdy pads are also used as a top layer in packaging to protect items from box cutters or knives when opened. Chipboard pads work well as a packaging solution:

  • Neat appearance: The sheets look visually appealing and sleek, which leaves a good impression on customers. Corrugated pads sometimes have a rough look because of how they are cut. 
  • Space efficient: Chipboard pads have a thin, durable design. They take up less space, allowing more products to be shipped simultaneously. 
  • Lightweight design: These sheets weigh less, saving you more on shipping costs. 

Top Benefits of Using Chipboard

Chipboard is a cost-efficient packaging solution for businesses, especially those in the e-commerce industry. Online retail continues to thrive, meaning more companies need reliable, affordable and sustainable packaging products to ship their goods in. Chipboard products check all the boxes, having various benefits:

  • Durable design: Chipboard is dense, making it less susceptible to puncturing and damage. It is ideal for food packaging and other lightweight items requiring robust containers.
  • Streamlined assembly: The thin and firm design makes it easy and quick to fold, allowing you to keep the chipboard flat until needed.
  • Efficient storage: Chipboard is thinner than many packaging materials and shipped flat to you, requiring less storage space and providing greater efficiency. 
  • Value for money: When compared to other cardboard materials used in packaging, chipboard is more cost-effective to produce and affordable for companies to use. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Chipboard is made from recycled cardboard and paper and is 100% recyclable after use. The sturdy design also means consumers will likely reuse the boxes, making chipboard sustainable on multiple levels.

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