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Neway Packaging has a variety of cap sealing equipment available. Whether you need a cap sealer machine for a low- or high-volume production line, Neway Packaging has a solution for your business. Browse our options on our website.

What Is Cap Sealing?

Cap sealing is the process of applying a foil laminate to the opening of jars and bottles. Cap sealing can be done for containers of nearly any material, including plastic and glass. Cap sealing follows this process:

  1. The container is filled and fitted with a cap and foil liner. The foil liner has a sealing material on it.
  2. The container with its cap goes under induction sealer equipment.
  3. A controlled electromagnetic field transmits energy to the seal, which creates heat.
  4. The heat melts the sealing material. When cooled, the foil liner is stuck to the container opening.

When the cap sealing process is complete, containers have a hermetic seal to protect their contents. The seal must be peeled off or cut into to open the container.

Using a Cap Sealer Machine at Your Business

A cap sealer machine is a non-contact heating process that gives containers an airtight seal. Induction sealing offers many benefits for facilities, including:

  • Increased productivity: Cap sealing equipment applies seals to containers in a matter of seconds, allowing production lines to move quickly. Induction sealers are also portable, so operators can move them to another production line without interrupting work.
  • Cost savings: Your business can save money from the low energy, increased output, higher-quality seals and reduced downtime.
  • Fewer maintenance requirements: A cap sealer machine has little to no maintenance requirements to continue working effectively. This benefit allows production lines to keep moving with no downtime necessary.

Cap sealing equipment also offers specific benefits for bakeries and other businesses in the food, cleaning, chemical, and beverage industry. Many shipping companies and retailers require a seal, and an induction seal can preserve the quality and taste of foods and drinks. Advantages include:

  • Counterfeit protection: Cap sealing equipment keeps the product secure, proving to customers it hasn't been altered. Induction sealing is an effective way of providing tamper evidence and complying with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Longer shelf life: Induction sealer equipment creates an airtight seal, preventing moisture and oxygen from interacting with the product. This protection can make your products last longer.
  • Product freshness: Since the hermetic seal protects the product, cap sealing equipment can also help the food or drink stay fresher. This protection ensures your product will be of the highest quality possible when it reaches the customer.
  • Leak prevention: Since a cap sealer machine seals the product in its container, it prevents leakage. The seal ensures your merchandise will stay in the container during storage and transport, even in pressurized environments.

Get Induction Sealer Equipment From Neway Packaging

Neway Packaging has more than 44 years of experience distributing cap sealing equipment from trusted manufacturers. We have a comprehensive inventory of cap sealing equipment available. Induction sealer equipment varies in the strength of its power supply and the design of the sealing head, so choose the model that's best for your production. For more information, contact us online or call 310-898-3400.