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WEXXAR 505 G4 Semi-Auto Case Erector

WEXXAR 505 G4 Semi-Auto Case Erector

Item #: 600986

The BEL 505 line of semi-automatic case forming and packing stations are a compact and ergonomic packaging solution ideal for replacing manual hand packing. The machine dynamically folds the bottom of the case and holds it in place for the operator to begin packing. This allows for quick and ergonomic case packing, much more efficient than a traditional hand pack line. When combined with a BEL case sealer, it allows one operator to form, pack and seal corrugated cases in a single operation. Pricing varies based on features

WEXXAR 505G4 Semi-Automatic Case Former


  • Ergonomic 2-Handed Packing: The BEL 505 holds the case in place for quick and ergonomic case packing.
  • Precision Dynamic Flap Folding: Mechanical flap folding ensures cases are consistently square, even with softer or recycled corrugated.
  • Compact Design: Small machine footprint saves valuable floor space and removes the time and space consuming process of pre-forming cases.
  • Smooth Operation: Formed cases are positioned on a roller deck for easy transfer into case sealer.
  • Quick Changeover: On machine pictorial guides with dual lead screws for easy size changes from either side.
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