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Ribbon for Labels

Labels and Ribbon 

Labels can help clear up confusion and prevent mistakes from happening. Neway Packaging has various labeling ribbons available so you can clearly mark products with expiration dates, barcodes and other important information.

What Are Ribbon Labels?

Ribbon labels allow you to print on materials using thermal transfer. The ribbons are typically made from wax, resin or a resin-based wax, depending on the material you want to print on and the color options you desire. Thermal transfer ribbons allow you to create clear and smudge-resistant labels, and various sizes and colors are available to meet your needs. 

Using Labeling Ribbons for Packaging

Thermal transfer ribbons have several uses, including:

  • Product labels
  • Shipping labels
  • Retail tags
  • Inventory tags

You may be able to use some ribbon types to create pharmaceutical labels and other sensitive labels.

The ribbons work with various substrates, such as glossy paper, uncoated paper and coated paper. Many types are energy-efficient and provide excellent print quality for lasting results that remain legible long after printing.

Order Ribbons From Neway Packaging

Neway Packaging has resin, resin-enhanced wax and wax thermal transfer ribbon available for all your labeling needs. Contact us to learn more about each option or request a quote.