Neway Packaging Bakery Packaging Solutions

Our range of bakery packaging items includes the following solutions:
1. Bakery Packaging Products

Neway Packaging offers an array of packaging products to maximize your organization and increase productivity. Our large selection will surely include the materials you need to allow your bakery to function efficiently.

Listed below are just a few of the many products we provide to make your storage and packaging process simple:

  • Cake boxes: Serves well for storing and selling cakes.
  • Stretch film: Covers and protects baked goods.
  • Transfer labels: Identifies product name and date.
  • Clear bags: Stores loose objects or small quantities of baking ingredients.
  • Clamshell containers: Stores cupcakes or other decorated baked goods.
  • Parchment paper: Serves as a necessity for covering bakery work surfaces and storing baked goods.
  • Shrink film: Delivers seal and shrink performance to lock in product freshness and flavor.
  • Plastic bags: Keeps baked goods fresh and secure with twist ties, tape or heat sealing.
  • Paper bags: Provides durability to hold bakery items for customers taking home orders.
  • Flow wrapper film: Securely wraps baked goods to protect them from moisture and oxygen.
2. Bakery Packaging Equipment
We also have a large selection of bakery packaging equipment and machinery to optimize your workflow by completing menial tasks so your employees won't have to.

These are only some of the machines Neway Packaging has available for your bakery:

  • Date coders: Marks your baked goods with the appropriate date for easier organization.
  • Labeling machines: Sticks your custom labels to products.
  • Inspection systems: Ensures your products match your requirements and standards.
  • Shrink wrappers: Seals and preserves baked goods for shipping or selling.
  • Stretch wrappers: Wraps large pallet loads with stretch wrap to secure them during shipments.
  • Twist tie machines: Ties loose bags closed with twist ties.
  • Flow wrappers: Forms, fills, seals, and discharges bags with bakery products like breads, cookies and cakes.
3. Bakery Personal Protective Equipment
One essential type of gear when working with food is personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment keeps you clean even when working with messy baking ingredients, and it ensures your pastries are safe from contamination.

Neway Packaging covers all your PPE bakery needs, and we offer the following selection of PPE materials:

  • Gloves: Protects hands and prevents cross-contamination.
  • Bouffants and hairnets: Ensures hair is secured and out of the way.
  • Beard nets: Secures beard hair and prevents food contamination.
  • Shoe covers: Protects shoes from stains and drippings.

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How to Use Your Packaging Equipment

E-commerce is a versatile industry, and you can use packaging equipment in a variety of ways. Some common applications for e-commerce packaging products include:
Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control
With the right equipment, you can ensure every item is packaged properly and deliver the same excellent service to each customer.
Streamlined Operation
Streamlined Operation
Save time and resources on outsourcing packaging and complete it all from your workspace. Packaging equipment is easy to use and protects your products.
Improved Costs
Improved Costs
You can save money on outsourcing and prevent product waste when you purchase your own packaging materials.
Better Service
Better Service
When you put effort into shipping your products, you will provide better service overall. You can fulfill orders with ease and give your customers a great online shopping experience.
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That’s why we strive to give you top-tier packaging equipment so you can provide your own customers with exceptional service.

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