Custom Trade Show Floor Displays

Neway Packaging offers end cap corrugate displays, counter displays and custom displays. We can also provide standing displays for advertising your business at trade shows. Our customized printing and laminating services can make these displays feature anything you select, including popular choices like products, company information, promotions and more.

Our trade show corrugated displays have three or more layers with a fluted middle layer. This design gives the display heavy-duty strength and is ideal for point of purchase (POP) floor displays. Customers can interact with the display and trade booth hosts can move supplies in and out without the display falling apart over time.

Trade Show Equipment and Supplies

If you need equipment or supplies for your upcoming trade show, we have the materials for you, including:

Polyethylene (PE) tape, Muscle Red tape, rubber adhesive, double-sided carpet tape, hook and loops strips, and more.
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Poly Sheet
Stretch film, felt rolls, poly sheeting, steel strapping and more.
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Face shields and masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, sanitizer dispensers, and more.
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No Matter Your Business’s Size,

we can help you find the right equipment for your operation.
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How to Use Your Packaging Equipment

E-commerce is a versatile industry, and you can use packaging equipment in a variety of ways. Some common applications for e-commerce packaging products include:
Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control
With the right equipment, you can ensure every item is packaged properly and deliver the same excellent service to each customer.
Streamlined Operation
Streamlined Operation
Save time and resources on outsourcing packaging and complete it all from your workspace. Packaging equipment is easy to use and protects your products.
Improved Costs
Improved Costs
You can save money on outsourcing and prevent product waste when you purchase your own packaging materials.
Better Service
Better Service
When you put effort into shipping your products, you will provide better service overall. You can fulfill orders with ease and give your customers a great online shopping experience.
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At Neway Packaging, We Understand That Delivering The Best Product Is Your Top Priority.

That’s why we strive to give you top-tier packaging equipment so you can provide your own customers with exceptional service.

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How to Take Advantage of Your Trade Show Booth

The trade show industry is growing with increased foot traffic from potential buyers, investors and inventors. Some common ways to leverage your trade show booth include:

  • Make a connection:Trade show attendees want to connect with the people behind the products. Prepare and offer business cards and greet people at your booth to build relationships.
  • Give a sample:Offer a sample or demonstration of your product. Anyone can make claims about a product but real results speak for themselves and make you memorable.
  • Offer food:Having appetizers or coffee at your booth can invite attendees to gather and open up for a relaxing social atmosphere.

Explore Our Trade Show Solutions

Neway Packaging is an all-in-one solution for customizable trade show exhibit materials. We adhere to the highest quality standard of printing and laminating so your team can shine at the next event. We believe in our products and services, so we back them up with guaranteed warranties.

If you want to stand out above the competition at your next trade show, we custom manufacture and design booths to fit your needs and unique design style. We also created an exhibit trade show guide so you can have a convenient overview of everything we offer at a glance.

Contact us to get your free quote and learn more about complimentary delivery for your trade show booth today.

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