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*Most boxes have a minimum order requirement that varies. Customer Service will advise once the order is received.*

Corrugated boxes are the primary choice for shipping and storing an extensive range of products. Many applications across a broad industry range rely on corrugated boxes as a practical, cost-effective packaging solution. These cartons consist of durable material and feature designs that provide dependable protection when shipping items over long or short distances.

Corrugated Boxes for Shipping

Neway Packaging proudly supplies a wide selection of regular-slotted container (RSC) boxes to cover your shipping requirements. We have many sizes of stock boxes on hand and ready to ship, from small 4- by 4- by 4-inch cartons to boxes measuring 49 inches by 19 ¼ inches by 19 ¼ inches for more oversized items. We offer various grades of materials for many applications, from single-wall corrugated paperboard for lighter products to double-wall material for products requiring increased protection.

We also manufacture printed boxes and display boxes.

Few packaging materials are as sustainable and eco-friendly as corrugated paperboard. These materials recycle quickly and efficiently, allowing manufacturers to produce new cartons at a fraction of the price of other materials like plastic, wood or metal. In addition, paperboard packaging is one of the largest industries in the United States, using local materials manufactured by American workers. 

Custom Shipping Boxes From Neway Packaging

Besides offering an extensive selection of ready-to-ship stock boxes, we can manufacture custom containers to your specifications. Whether you need a specific carton size or a company logo printed on your container to increase brand visibility, we have the production tools and advanced equipment to make your packaging goals a reality. Our team has decades of combined experience designing packaging solutions beneficial to nearly any application or industry.

Choose Neway Packaging for Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Neway Packaging offers various size shipping boxes to meet all your packaging needs. Our multiple distribution facilities ensure fast and secure delivery to your location. Contact us online or call our team at 310-898-3400 for additional information or a custom quote.