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Wexxar Bel Automatic and Semi-Automatic

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Wexxar Bel Case Erector Equipment

Case erecting machines bring automation to packaging operations in numerous industries, from e-commerce to manufacturing. With the right solutions, your facility can increase productivity and reduce repetitive motion injuries. Neway Packaging can help you select and install the ideal Wexxar Bel case erectors for your application.

Benefits of Wexxar Bel Automatic and Semi-Automatic Case Erectors

Wexxar Bel has been a leading choice for automated and semi-automated case erectors since 1977. These machines speed up assembly for various cases, from standard boxes to more complex specialty packaging solutions. Globally, you'll find Wexxar Bel equipment in Fortune 500 companies and small manufacturing plants in over 40 countries spanning numerous industries.

Reasons businesses choose Wexxar Bel include:

  • Sturdy construction that withstands demanding industrial environments.
  • Reliability for more uptime.
  • Low overall operating costs.
  • Easy integration into existing workflows.

Our Wexxar Bel Case Erector Options

Neway Packaging carries both fully automated and semi-automatic case erectors to meet your company's needs.

Wexxar WF20T Fully Automatic Tape Case

The WF20T is the top-of-the-line Wexxar Bel automatic case erector, offering exceptional performance, value and ease of use. This model features Wexxar's exclusive “pin and dome” technology to open cases with no vacuum required.

Adjust your application's settings with the Flex Speed feature, allowing operators to customize speed ranges. Color-coded visual instructions simplify setups and reduce changeover times to about 7 minutes. A tip-out tape head also makes for rapid replacements to keep production moving smoothly.

Safety guards help prevent operator injury while allowing easy maintenance and repair access. 

Wexxar 505 G4 Semi-Automatic Case Erector

Choose the Wexxar Bel semi-automatic case erector 505 G4 to transform time-consuming hand-packing operations in a small footprint. This unit supports practical and ergonomic case filling with a faster and more comfortable operator experience.

Advanced non-contact sensors accommodate boxes with high recycled content to support greener business practices. An innovative design stabilizes the formed case to allow for two-handed packing, and operators can complete changeovers quickly by following the on-machine visual setup guides.

Add a case sealer for an end-to-end packaging solution in one operation — the 505 G4 model easily integrates via a rolling deck. 

Why Shop Neway Packaging for Wexxar Bel Case Erectors?

Our family-owned company has proudly served customers with market-leading packaging solutions since 1977. You can trust our team for benefits like:

  • Expertise: We have the industry knowledge and product experience to match you with the ideal equipment and accessories for your unique applications.
  • Service: Our team prioritizes customer experiences, from sales interactions to equipment maintenance and repair by our skilled in-house technicians.
  • Selection: We're a complete packaging solutions company, saving you time with one-stop shopping.
  • Value: We offer free quotes and delivery from our seven nationwide distribution locations.
  • Network: Our team forms partnerships with the industry's most well-respected companies to source reliable and affordable products.

Order From Neway Packaging With Confidence

Our team boasts exceptional technical knowledge of our product line and happily offers advice for choosing the best options. Call us at 833-906-3200 or send us an email request for personal assistance.