Freight Packaging Products and Equipment

Neway Packaging has everything you need to make your transition to a new location a smooth one. We offer various freight cushioning materials and securing equipment:
Freight cushion materials
We provide products such as air pillows, bubble wrap, foam in place, airbags, paper and packing peanuts to cushion delicate items and prevent breaking during the move.
Freight package securing materials
We also offer an abundance of securing materials such as load bars, netting, hooks and rings, steel strapping and tie-downs. These will ensure your belongings are secure in their packaging and do not move around or fall while transported.
Freight packaging equipment
Neway Packaging offers industrial-grade packing equipment to expedite the packing process and make your move as efficient as possible. This equipment includes air pillow machines, banding machines, strapping tools, tape machines and stretch wrappers.
Additional freight packaging products
We also provide stretch banding, envelopes and mailers, tape, edge protectors and tie-downs to ensure all your items are secure and protected throughout the entire moving process.

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How to Use Your Packaging Equipment

E-commerce is a versatile industry, and you can use packaging equipment in a variety of ways. Some common applications for e-commerce packaging products include:
Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control
With the right equipment, you can ensure every item is packaged properly and deliver the same excellent service to each customer.
Streamlined Operation
Streamlined Operation
Save time and resources on outsourcing packaging and complete it all from your workspace. Packaging equipment is easy to use and protects your products.
Improved Costs
Improved Costs
You can save money on outsourcing and prevent product waste when you purchase your own packaging materials.
Better Service
Better Service
When you put effort into shipping your products, you will provide better service overall. You can fulfill orders with ease and give your customers a great online shopping experience.
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At Neway Packaging, We Understand That Delivering The Best Product Is Your Top Priority.

That’s why we strive to give you top-tier packaging equipment so you can provide your own customers with exceptional service.

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Benefits of Freight Packaging Solutions at Neway Packaging

Work with Neway Packaging for an effortless transition to a new location. With our wide selection of packaging equipment and products, you'll surely find the materials you need to secure your belongings, no matter how far you are moving.

Choosing our services to help you move will ensure you have one less thing to think about. The equipment we provide will relieve you from the stress of worrying if your materials will survive being transported to a new location miles away. You can enjoy the added security of knowing your items will be safe during the move.

We have seven convenient distribution locations, and all are stocking warehouses with in-house service departments. Each branch has on-call, trained technicians to answer questions and provide assistance to clients as needed. We also own a fleet of trucks and can accommodate emergency orders.

Choose Neway Packaging for All Your Freight Packaging Needs

Neway Packaging has all the freight package securing materials and equipment you need to make your move a smooth process. We have over 50 years of combined experience and offer quality products and knowledgeable staff.

Our selection of freight and logistics equipment can meet all your needs no matter your moving process or the distance traveled.

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