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Bulk Strapping Materials


Strapping machines are crucial to your company's efficiency. The devices help speed up your product pallets' wrapping and packaging process. While the machines do the work, the materials you use also affect how well the products stay together.

Neway Packaging has the strapping materials you need to make your packaging process even more systematic.

Types of Strapping Materials

Obtain all the materials needed for your strapping machine at Neway Packaging. We have a wide array of equipment that will make your packing job easier. Choose from various strapping materials, seals, buckles and other supplies to get everything you need from a single source.

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is the oldest type of strapping. Its heavy-duty components make it an ideal choice for packaging because it doesn't contract or expand. Once a steel strap is in place and secure, the items it holds remain in place. Companies commonly use steel strapping for securing:

  • Steel coils
  • Railroad shipping packages
  • Construction materials
  • Heavy industrial and manufacturing equipment

The types of steel strapping at Neway Packaging include:

  • Regular-duty: Your company can use regular-duty steel strapping to pack products and pallets. The strapping is optimal for tasks that require regular- to heavy-duty banding.
  • High-tensile: The high-tensile steel strap is perfect for extra heavy-duty applications and is often required by law for railroad transportation. High-tensile strapping works for extreme tasks that need additional strength straps.
  • Mini coils: Consider mini steel strap coils if you need portable steel strapping. The mini steel strapping is easy to transport and handle, so employees can use it without a heavy dispenser.

Machine-Grade Strapping

If your company's applications do not require steel strapping, we offer other types, like polypropylene and polyester machine-grade strapping. Businesses with specialized strapping equipment need machine-grade strapping to ensure the device can band the products properly with the correct tension. Machine-grade strapping is an excellent solution for securing and shipping heavy or oversized items.

We carry machine-grade strapping in two materials:

  • Polypropylene: Our machine-grade polypropylene strapping comes in various sizes to accommodate your packaging applications. This selection of widths and thicknesses ensures you have options for packages that require light-, medium- or heavy-duty banding.
  • Polyester: We also carry polyester machine-grade strapping. This material is an excellent alternative to steel strapping when shipping medium- or heavy-duty products like lumber, bricks and bottles.

Hand-Grade Strapping

Many businesses may also use hand strapping to band products manually. Hand strapping is most common for small or light loads. You can use hand tools to add tension to the straps when banding products manually. Due to this packaging product's lightweight construction, hand-grade strapping is easily portable.

We carry hand-grade strapping in the same two materials:

  • Polypropylene: Neway Packaging provides hand-grade polypropylene strapping in various widths and thicknesses. Polypropylene strapping is a great alternative to tape, twine and stretch wrap.
  • Polyester: You also have polyester hand-grade strapping as an option. Polyester strapping is an excellent plastic alternative to steel strapping. The hand-grade polyester strapping is highly versatile and suits all applications, from light- to medium- and heavy-duty tasks.

Strapping Seals and Buckles

Keep the straps on your pallets and products secure with strapping seals and buckles. Seals and buckles secure the ends of the strap to ensure the banding remains tight and holds products in place. Strap seals form a permanent connection between the strap ends and require a sealing tool to ensure they stay closed. Steel strapping often uses a seal.

Buckles are a nonpermanent connection for straps. They often work in tandem with polypropylene and polyester straps because you can easily hook them in the buckles. A nonpermanent fastener allows you to tighten and remove the banding as needed.

Polypropylene vs. Polyester

Neway Packaging is committed to offering only the highest-quality solutions, including our polypropylene and polyester strapping options. Knowing what these materials are and which applications each type is suitable for can help you choose the best plastic strapping for your needs. You may also opt for steel.

The most advantageous material depends on your shipping needs, such as the weight and size of the pallets or packages. Polypropylene has an embossing that adds texture and strength, creating better friction and tension. Polyester differs from polypropylene because it generally has a smooth surface, though some options have embossing. You'll often find polyester strapping in green because it is made from recycled materials like soft beverage bottles.

Purchase Your Strapping Materials From Neway Packaging

Whenever you need to purchase new strapping materials, come to Neway Packaging. Our strapping products will help your business maintain efficiency during the packing process. To learn more about our products and how to order them, contact Neway Packaging to speak with a representative today!