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Wexxar WF20T Fully Automatic Tape Case

Wexxar WF20T Fully Automatic Tape Case

Item #: 603544

The WF20 fully automatic case former introduces a new level of refinement and performance and raises the standards for ease of use, case forming quality and customer value. Pricing varies based on features

Wexxar WF20T Fully Automatic Tape Case Erector


  • The Flex Speed feature optimizes your machine functions and meets the needs of each case size by providing speed ranges that the operator can quickly access and select
  • Tool-less, color-coded, pictorial instructions facilitate case size changeover in approx. 7 minutes (bi-lingual option available)
  • Advanced fully interlocked safety guarding allows easy access for service
  • Tilt-out tape head for quick, easy tape roll changes
  • Fully automatic Remote Demand Control, pauses production when the discharge conveyor is full
  • No vacuum: equipped with WEXXAR’s latest generation of patented ‘pin and dome’ case opening technology
  • Postive case squaring, delivers square cases in a fully upright position, ready for packing
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