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Cartoner Packaging Machines

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KC-100F Horizontal Cartoner

KC-100F Horizontal Cartoner

Item #: 613466

The KC-100F horizontal cartoner is the perfect carton packaging machine for those who require the speed, precision, and flexibility of a horizontal packaging machine but have limited space in their factory. Despite its size (5.25 feet tall and 20.5 ft long including the carton magazine), it has many of our existing cartoners’ benefits: quick and easy change-over, capability for handloaded or automatic infeed, speeds of up to 240 cartons / minute, and high-speed and servo-driven components. This machine is the ideal solution for small factories and contract packaging.

A brand new compact horizontal cartoning machine for factories that require power, versatility, and reliability in a smaller space.

  • High speed, 100% servo driven
  • Compact design with continuous motion
  • Quick and simple changeover
  • An ergonomic and easy to use design
  • Designed to easily integrate with collation such as robots
  • Simple maintenance
  • A proven robust design
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Manufacturing and distribution companies significantly benefit from cartoner machines because they automate the entire packaging process. These machines are faster and more reliable than doing the job by hand, making them perfect for operations requiring larger volumes of cartons erected quickly. Due to their high accuracy levels, cartoner packaging machines also improve product standards and minimize the need for continuous quality control measures. 

Cartoner Packaging Features

Our horizontal cartoners are ideal for operations desiring the accuracy, speed and versatility of automated packaging equipment with minimal space on the production floor. These cartoner machines utilize high-performance servo-driven components while offering fast changeover for many packaging applications.

The simple and efficient build of our horizontal cartoner equipment provides easy access to machine controls from the operator's side. These controls can integrate with collation systems and work well for various products across a vast industry range. The machine's compact design enables simple and safe maintenance for operators. 

Benefits of Choosing Neway Packaging for Cartoner Equipment

Investing in cartoner equipment creates various benefits for any company that uses automated packaging machinery, including:

  • Faster production speeds: Cartoners significantly increase production speeds over manual packaging for bottles, snack foods, bakery products, personal care items, stick packs, pouches and similar items.
  • Cost savings: Faster production speeds translate to reduced labor costs, enabling your company to improve its bottom line quickly. Because quality also increases, spoilage rates decrease, resulting in a higher product yield.
  • Improved product quality and consistency: Cartoner packaging machines enable dependable, consistent and repeatable performance in each cycle, increasing quality standards over hand filling and manual packing applications. 

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If you want to learn more about how our cartoner packaging machines can benefit your operation, the experts at Neway Packaging can assist you. For decades, we have helped our customers choose the most practical, dependable and cost-efficient packaging materials and equipment for their unique applications. Call 310-898-3400 or contact us online today for a custom quote or additional technical information.