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Printing and Case Coding Equipment 

Tracking your inventory improves your productivity and ensures you stay on top of your business. Case coding is the practice of labeling a box with relevant information about the product. Case coding can be either a label, a printed stamp or a combination of the two. 

Neway Packaging carries a range of printers to help you label your inventory with ease. We have automatic and handheld case coding equipment to suit every unique operation. Learn more about how case coding can enhance your business and which printer from Neway Packaging is right for you. 

How Are Printers Used in Packaging

Case coding is necessary for various reasons. First, it gives the consumer information about their product, such as the expiration date, QR codes and brand labels. Coding provides the supplier with production details, such as where the product was made, when it was made, how many items were in the batch and more.

The primary function of a printer or coding machine is to organize individual products in mass production. Printers and case coders are one of the last production steps. Printers make high-quality, durable labels that stick to the packaging during shipping. Coding equipment prints the ink directly onto the cardboard or other materials. 

Types of Printers

Many types of printers on the market work with countless unique manufacturing operations. Consider a few main differences when selecting a printer for your business, including: 

  • Ink: There are several different ink types, colors and opacities.
  • Size: You might need a smaller printing option, depending on your products' size. 
  • Automation: If you have a conveyor system, an attachable printer would automatically label and sort your products without operator assistance. 

Our Case Coding Equipment

We have a variety of case coding equipment that we sort by brand and style. From Squid Ink Printing Equipment to EBS systems, Neway Packaging will select the best option for your operation and help you improve your process. 

Our Sato printers create high-quality labels using thermal ink printing. These large labels are great for creating shipping labels or printing branded information onto one sheet. The BestCode coding machine makes expiration dates and real-time data and works well with conveyor systems. Printing solutions from inc.jet printers, now known as Norwix, comprise a rugged design and are highly cost-effective for case and carton printing.  The Squid Ink coding system is another automatic coding system that works with large package quantities.

Some of our handheld options include the Tourmaline handheld inkjet printer and the EBS portable inkjet printer. Handheld options are ideal for mobile packaging or small quantities. 

Learn More From Neway Packaging

Neway Packaging is a one-stop shop for packaging equipment and guidance. With 44 years of experience, we are happy to help you find the most suitable materials for your business. Our goal is to achieve long-lasting results for your company and workflow. 

We offer installation and training services on every product so you can get the most from your equipment. We have seven convenient distribution facilities to reach your business as soon as possible. 

Start by contacting us online for a project quote on our coding equipment, or call us at 310-898-3400 to speak with a team member.