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Stretch Film Material for Packaging

Stretch Film 

Shipping pallets with multiple stacks of products and materials requires extra protection. Companies use stretch film to secure goods as they travel by air, water or ground to reach their final destination. Stretch wrap comes in several variations to help companies with carrying requirements keep their products safe. Additional choices, such as color and transparency, make identifying the products inside easy for enhanced efficiency.

Whenever you need to restock your stretch wrap rolls, Neway Packaging can help. We offer many stretch film options for companies to wrap their pallets safely.

What Is Stretch Film?

Stretch film is a plastic, polyethylene wrap used to secure items to each other and on pallets. Otherwise, pieces can shift in transit and fall off pallets while employees unload the shipments. Wrapping products tightly with the wrap helps prevent loss and damage while reducing load tampering and worker injury. Stretch film wraps around an entire pallet load and holds both bulky and small items in place.

Many companies use stretch film to secure objects together during transportation or while in storage.

Types of Stretch Wrap

At Neway Packaging, we offer several types of stretch wrap so businesses can find the kind that suits their needs. Whether you need machine-wrap stretch film or hand-grade stretch wrapping, we have stretch wrap rolls that work for both applications. Our selection includes several popular types of stretch film wrap:


The main difference between the types of stretch wraps is how they are created and manufactured. Blown stretch film is made from granular resin that undergoes an extrusion process. The resin beads enter a heated barrel and go through a circular die. The resin then gets blown vertically to create a bubble, which is pulled between rollers to cool and become the stretch wrap. As the wrap gradually cools, it gets a more cloudy appearance.

Blown stretch wrap has a solid holding power, helping it bear more weight with increased load retention. It also has a significant amount of strength, making it more resistant to tearing or breaking. Companies value blown stretch film because it provides the maximum toughness and durability to secure packages.


Cast film is another type of stretch wrap. It relies on a cast extrusion process similar to blown stretch wraps. The production process also uses resin in a heated barrel and a die to create the wrap. Instead of using air to chill the film, manufacturers place the material directly on cold rollers to solidify and cool the wrap quickly. 

You may use a cast stretch wrap to ensure a highly transparent and thick film surrounds and protects your products. Cast wraps have a high stretch rate, helping you wrap more pallets and products while using less film.

Cast Sustainable

Cast stretch film is a sustainable option that keeps your pallets and products secure while contributing to efforts to help the environment. This material uses bio-assimilation technology to be environmentally friendly. After use, this sustainable cast wrap breaks down into a renewable material — food for microorganisms.

The bio-assimilation technology ensures no microplastics end up in the soil, air or water once the plastic fully disintegrates. The film's eco-friendliness is an additional benefit to its sturdiness and durability. Feel good about wrapping pallets and items securely with sustainable cast stretch film.

Get Vanish cast sustainable stretch wrap from Neway Packaging. This product has a shelf life, so we make it to order.


You can also wrap pallets and products using colorful stretch film. At Neway Packaging, we offer a variety of colors — in addition to the standard transparent option — to help you categorize inventory, make specific shipments more prominent and aid in carrier identification. Choose from:

  • Blue Tint
  • Red Tint
  • Green Tint
  • Black Opaque
  • White Opaque

Every color stretch wrap is machine grade and has a low gloss surface to enhance scanning capabilities for workers.

Other Stretch Film Products

In addition to stretch film, Neway Packaging offers other products to help make your application process more manageable. We carry several stretch film wrappers and dispensers to make manually wrapping items more efficient. Each wrapper has unique features to ensure a smooth application and reduce workplace injuries.

Buy Stretch Film Wrap at Neway Packaging

Keep products and pallets secure with stretch film wrap from Neway Packaging. Our stretch film wrap products will help your business maintain steady production during packing. We are here for you whether you need machine-grade or hand-grade materials.

Neway Packaging delivers quality service and products to ensure you receive everything necessary to package your products. Our customer service team can work with you to determine which products will enhance your business processes.

Learn more about our stretch film products and how to order them by contacting us online or calling our team.