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Welcome to the new Pacific Packaging website, now owned and operated by Neway Packaging.

Convenience is key, and our new location has been strategically chosen to ensure easy accessibility for our valued clients. Located in the greater Portland area of Oregon, our facility is designed to cater to the needs of businesses across various industries.

Give our Oregon branch a call today at (503)371-9270

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NOW AVAILABLE - Colored Stretch Film

We now offer multiple color variations for hand and machine stretch films. Colored stretch film can be used to easily identify and sort different products or shipments – shop our selection here!


Voted Top Food Processing Solutions Provider of 2023

Awarded By Food & Beverage Technology Review

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Your Custom Design Solutions & Packaging Experts

Neway Packaging prides ourselves on being a solution-oriented partner. Whether you are starting a new business or an established manufacturer looking to fully automate and re-brand your product, we have the expertise and experience to make your goals a reality.

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Your Custom Design Solutions & Packaging Experts

Our Cradle to Cradle® Certified Products!

Packaging tape is a staple item in the world of manufacturing and packaging. We are a solution-oriented partner to businesses and our expert team is ready to help you with quality packaging tape.

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Treston Workbenches Work Effectively & Improve Productivity

The Treston workbenches meet any industrial workbench needs, ranging from low-cost standard workbenches to advanced designs customized for an existing production line. A well-functioning workstation creates the conditions for working effectively, which in turn improves productivity and well-being at work. Speak with a Neway professional to help you determine which workbench is right for your business!

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Equipment Downtime is Expensive

Neway Packaging has the Industry’s Best in Class Service Department. All 8 Neway distribution locations are fully staffed with factory trained technicians ready to solve your equipment installation, re-location and preventive maintenance needs.

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About Us

The President & CEO of Neway Packaging, Russ Freebury, started Neway with his wife in 1977 in a small house in Torrance. Since then, Neway has expanded into 7 locations in 7 different states. Neway’s customer service and quality control have been the backbone of our customers’ loyalty as we continue to expand.

Neway Packaging Corporation has been a successful, growing, family run company for over 40 years. The company culture reflects this family run concept with employee retention and longevity. If you want to join a company that is more like joining a family, then Neway is right for you. We are always looking for talented, curious, happy people to share their insights and strengths to continue our growth.

Our Services

Graphic Design Services for Packaging

Neway Packaging believes that the graphic design of your packaging is essential for making an excellent first impression. That's why we offer professional graphic design services to help your brand find the perfect blend of creativity balanced with the form and function of outstanding package design. We have designated product experts to assist you with identifying the right equipment and packaging for your product. They are trained to recognize and implement best processes and design elements to lower your process and packaging cost. Whether you are a small on-line seller or a massive food processing plant, we have the solutions to help you build your business.


Custom Box & Packaging Solutions

Neway Packaging prides ourselves on being a solution-oriented partner. Whether you are starting a new business and need beautifully branded or stock packaging and low-cost equipment, to an established manufacturer looking to fully automate and re-brand your product, we have the expertise and experience to make your goals a reality.

Along with our equipment specialists, we have a team of product and design consultants available to help you obtain the right packaging material at the right price for your application. The options in designing custom packaging is endless.

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Preventative Maintenance Services

Neway Packaging offers maintenance packages that are adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers. They include a pre-determined number of visits per year, in which Neway’s specialized technicians perform an exhaustive check of the entire system – paying special attention to the state of each of its mechanisms, controls and safety devices.

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Service, Technical Support and Parts

One of our cornerstones of being built on solutions is our commitment to provide high-quality, friendly and effective service to our customers. We have factory-trained technicians ready to be deployed at a moments notice. They will diagnose and offer a solution with parts and labor pricing

Along with a highly accurate service team, we also provide factory and after-market parts for all major packaging equipment. You can order parts for your maintenance team, or have Neway Packaging provide and install parts for you.

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Equipment Installation

Neway Packaging has over 50 years of combined experience in industrial packaging equipment installation, relocation, repair and preventive maintenance.

All of our service techs are factory trained to ensure warranties are not voided and equipment is properly installed to meet the highest standards and your performance requirements.

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Industries Served

Bakery Packaging Products

We offer packaging materials, personal protective equipment, bakery labeling materials and more. Our products make your job easier by providing the means to establish quicker, more organized methods of completing tasks.

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Agricultural Packaging Solutions

The products you grow on your farm require special handling and care to preserve freshness and protect them during shipping. Superior agricultural package securing materials and equipment can help you help maintain the highest quality throughout the process.

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Distribution Packaging Solutions

If your tasks involve shipping, order fulfillment or anything else that involves getting goods out the door, you understand the importance of reliable packaging. You need products and material you can trust to protect your items throughout the process and arrive to your customers in one piece.

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Packaging for the E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce is an increasingly popular industry in the United States. With the increase in online shopping, the demand for packaging equipment has also increased. Finding the right e-commerce packaging equipment is crucial to keeping your products safe during transport.

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Facility Maintenance Cleaning Products

Keeping a sprawling warehouse, manufacturing plant, office building or other large facility clean is a demanding job. It requires the right combination of human and equipment resources to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

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Food Processing Packaging Equipment

Ensure your operations are efficient, organized and safe with the right food processing packaging solutions from Neway Packaging. We offer many food processing packaging products and equipment to help businesses improve their production logistics.

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Freight & Logistics Solutions

There are many factors to consider when moving your company to a new location. One of the most important things to keep in mind is developing a plan to get all your stuff to the new site on time without incurring any damage. Finding the right materials to protect your belongings is crucial to maintaining peace of mind during the moving process.

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Lumber Packaging Materials

Want safe, reliable and high-quality lumber packaging solutions? Neway Packaging is a one-stop shop for all of your lumber needs, offering everything from strapping materials to safety solutions.

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Manufacturing Packaging Solutions

Packaging is an essential aspect of the manufacturing industry. Your business needs quality packaging materials so your products will be secure when traveling to your clients.

Rely on Neway Packaging for strong manufacturing package securing materials. Our packing equipment will make protecting, packing and shipping your products more efficient and secure, increasing your customer satisfaction rates.

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Exhibit Tradeshows

At Neway Packaging, we believe that exhibit materials are an essential ingredient of trade shows. These shows allow business professionals to network and view the latest innovations from other companies in their industry. Many business deals, such as investors signing onto new projects, take place at these social events.

Having a visually appealing and attention-grabbing display that explains the unique selling point of your business is key to attract possible large-scale customers or investors. Neway Packaging offers high-quality supplies and custom printing and lamination services for custom floor displays.

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We believe there is a creative, hassle-free solution for using packaging to develop your brand. Our team of professionals wants to help bring your marketing strategy to life with innovative, eye-catching designs.