Manufacturing Packaging Products

Neway Packaging can provide for all your packing needs with our extensive selection of manufacturing boxing solutions and packing materials. We offer durable and effective packaging solutions to protect your product from the boxing stage to the end delivery. Our selection includes:
1. Manufacturing Package Securing Materials
We offer a long list of materials to strengthen your packing boxes. Listed below a just a few of these products:
  • Poly strapping: The most cost-effective strapping product. It is commonly used and easy to apply.
  • Steel strapping: The strongest of all strapping materials. Perfect for sharp or heavy packages.
  • Masking tape: Lightweight and designed for seamless removal. Ideal for protecting delicate items such as technology screens.
  • Double-coated tape: Adhesive on both sides for ease in taping down corners or envelopes.
2. Manufacturing Packaging Protection
Neway Packaging offers products that protect your employees and inventory throughout the packaging process, such as:
  • Face masks and PPE: Protects employees from debris and sharp objects.
  • Covers and wraps: Keeps large pallet loads safe from scrapes throughout shipment.
  • Edge protectors: Adheres to corners of pallet loads to prevent nicks and scratches.
3. Manufacturing Containment Packaging Solutions
We provide solid containers for shipping that will secure your products and ensure their safe delivery. Listed here are some of the manufacturing boxing solutions we provide:
  • Corrugated boxes: Consist of layers of material and are strong enough to handle bumps and drops.
  • Polybags: Protects your product against dirt, moisture and tampering.
  • Manufacturing cushion materials: Secures product in its container and consists of items like bubble wrap, air pillows, packaging peanuts and more.
4. Manufacturing Packaging Equipment
Neway Packaging also provides machinery and heavy equipment to expedite the packaging process, saving your company time and money. Below are just a few of the machines we have available for your packaging equipment:
  • Stretch wrappersApplies stretch wrap over large pallet loads to secure them during shipping.
  • Stretch film bandersBands packages or products together for easier shipping.
  • LabelersAutomatically adheres labels to boxes.
  • Shrink wrappersSeals packages of any size in a protective plastic covering.

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How to Use Your Packaging Equipment

E-commerce is a versatile industry, and you can use packaging equipment in a variety of ways. Some common applications for e-commerce packaging products include:
Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control
With the right equipment, you can ensure every item is packaged properly and deliver the same excellent service to each customer.
Streamlined Operation
Streamlined Operation
Save time and resources on outsourcing packaging and complete it all from your workspace. Packaging equipment is easy to use and protects your products.
Improved Costs
Improved Costs
You can save money on outsourcing and prevent product waste when you purchase your own packaging materials.
Better Service
Better Service
When you put effort into shipping your products, you will provide better service overall. You can fulfill orders with ease and give your customers a great online shopping experience.
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