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Strapping machines wrap products and boxes for safe shipping and warehousing. These machines typically use plastic to secure packages and pallets together. The straps can improve the structural integrity of a group of packages or help secure them to pallets for shipping.

Strapping machines can wrap groups of boxes so they can be shipped by train, boat or truck without falling apart. It’s possible to wrap by hand, but a machine can help you wrap larger volumes of boxes or containers in a fraction of the time.

At Neway Packaging, we have the latest, most innovative strapping and banding machines to help you get your products ready for shipping or storage. With our strapping and banding equipment, you can reduce the number of workers you need to assign to wrapping, so your employees can tackle more important tasks. With quality strapping and banding machines, you save on labor and overtime and reduce the risk of injury during the wrapping process.

Our Strapping and Banding Equipment

Neway Packaging has a range of strapping and banding equipment options for you, including:

  • StraPack strapping machine: StraPack is one of the biggest names in plastic strapping equipment. In business since the 1960s, StraPack is known for the dependability and innovative design of its machinery. StraPack is in full control of their manufacturing, giving them the option of creating exciting new equipment and customized solutions for customers around the globe.
  • Felins banding equipment: Felins machinery can bundle products while still keeping them looking great for customers. This respected manufacturer offers a range of machinery designed to reduce waste while improving efficiency. The company offers customized machinery and standard equipment. 
  • Strapping tools: Neway Packaging offers a range of strapping tools, including pneumatic tools, battery-operated solutions, strapping shears, strapping sealers and strapping tensioners. We can provide everything you need to improve your operation's packaging and wrapping process. Our strapping tools include Fromm battery-powered strapping tools, made with a durable brushless 18-volt motor and the latest lithium-ion battery technology, as well as innovative safety features. We also offer Signode strapping tools. Signode is a leader in end-of-line packaging, product protection and innovative technology, and their strapping tools feature Bosch Hypercharge Technology for fast operations.

Choosing Strapping Machines

As with other packaging machines, you can choose strapping machines that are semi-automatic, which require an operator, or fully automated, which free up more worker time. You can also choose different features, such as innovative controls which help reduce the risk of malfunction. Some strapping machines have sensors and proximity switches to protect products from damage. Different machines can also have various capabilities, so you’ll want to consider how many pallets or packages you send weekly.

If you need help choosing the right strapping machines for you, the team at Neway Packaging has more than five decades of combined experience to help. Our quality products, packaging industry experience and excellent customer service allow us to act as a true partner in your company’s growth and success. We have carefully vetted and researched the current innovations in packaging machinery, and we’ve worked with many industries and most equipment manufacturers, so we’re poised to offer valuable guidance and information.

If you are thinking about purchasing a strapping machine, strapping tools or other packaging equipment, contact us to discuss your needs.