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Automated Batching Systems & Feeding Equipment for Packaging

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Superior RXSD-1 Batch Counting System

Superior RXSD-1 Batch Counting System

Item #: 602111

Enjoy all the benefits of a fully automated batch counting system without breaking the bank! Add one or multiple feeder/dropper stations to the line to create collated batches of your product. Easily integrates with banders, wrappers/sealers, or cartoners. Utilizing the new Maxim RX-12bc feeder makes it the most economical solution on the planet! Pricing varies based on features

Superior RXSD-1 Batch Counting & Collating System

w/Maximum RX-12bc, Victory SD Dropper, RX Champion 6ft Flighted Conveyor, Height adjustable mounting stand and Tracker TR-1 Kit with Photo Sensor, 19in Screen, Swivel Mount and Post, Keyboard and Mouse

  • Most robust and advanced system in the world! This durable workhorse is built for high-volume 24/7 applications
  • Great for literature/kit fulfillment, standard or variable sets, and a variety of products
  • Easily integrates with wrappers, banders, strappers, and more
  • Product sizes: 2” x 3” to 12” x 12” (longer lengths available)
  • Configure 2 to 50 stations with line speeds of 10 to 200 stacks/minute
  • One shot feeding for single piece collating
  • Maximum RX-12bc
  • Victory SD Dropper
  • RX Champion 6ft Flighted Conveyor
  • Height adjustable mounting stand and Tracker TR-1 Kit with Photo Sensor
  • 19in Screen
  • Swivel Mount and Post
  • Keyboard and Mouse
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Automated Batching Systems for Packaging

Machinery feeding equipment, such as a batch count collator, helps you sort and count out batches of paper products. Need to sort envelopes into groups of ten or make sure you have 50 sheets of paper in one consumer product? A batch collating system from Neway Packaging can meet your requirements.

Superior-PHS has been the leader in kitting, collating, and batch counting systems since 2005, and their innovative machinery is considered state-of-the-art. Superior-PHS systems are known for quality customer support, speed, and ease of operation.

Benefits of an Automated Batch Counting System

The right batch count collator can save time and labor hours, helping you maximize operations by moving workers to more important tasks. This machinery also ensures consistency and accuracy, so you can be assured of a quality product.

Superior-PHS batch counting systems can be used in the production of a wide range of products, including chipboard, stationary, die cuts, direct mail, calendars, bags, brochures, envelopes, greeting cards, business cards, folded documents, signatures, magazines, forms, booklets, tri-fold documents, craft paper, z-fold papers, plastic cards, wrapping paper, photo paper, blister cards and collapsed boxes. You can even collate multiple products at the same time with Superior-PHS batch counting systems just by adding a few dropper stations.

Batch collating systems from Superior-PHS have added advantages, too. They feature:

  • Patent-pending technology.
  • A fully automated batch counting system.
  • The ability to add feeder or dropper stations.
  • The ability to batch count from 1 to 9999 items.
  • Durability for 24/7 and high-volume production.
  • Designs that can handle products as small as three inches or as larger as 30.
  • Fully customizable options.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Options to track production efficiency and performance.

In addition, Superior-PHS systems have the flexibility to integrate with cartoners, wrappers, bundle stackers, inspection systems, auto L-bar sealers, scanning stations, camera systems, barcode readers, printers, labellers, transfer stations, banders and more. With Superior-PHS systems, you can set up your batch collating to your exact specifications.

Why Get Your Batch Counting System From Neway Packaging?

If you need counting and batching capabilities at your organization, Neway Packaging can help. With more than 50 years of combined experience in packaging equipment and experience with every major company in this industry, we know what products and technologies will best serve our customers. Our team is always learning more about the newest innovations and products, so we can answer your questions and find the right solutions for your needs.

At Neway Packaging, we're passionate about being a true partner for our customers — we go above and beyond to foster your growth and success, vetting and testing new products and addressing customer needs by offering training, installation and repairs.

Above all, we are fully committed to providing outstanding customer service. We go above and beyond to ensure you have what you need. We even offer online shopping for your convenience.

If you need a batch counter or collating system, contact us to discuss your needs and the solutions we offer.