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Box Making Machine VPS100

Item #: 610722

MAKE-N-SHIP™ by Kraft is an automatic box making and box cutting machine that allows you to produce packages at the right time, at the right size and in the right quantity from endless corrugated material. Whether you need complex structural packaging or basic boxes, our box making machine is the solution! Boost your production towards cost savings and sustainability. Pricing varies based on features

MAKE-N-SHIP™ Box Making Machine VPS100

Corrugated Cutting Machine

  • Produce corrugated packagings in batch size one, tailored to your products so that void fill is reduced – stop shipping air!
  • Buy a machine, not corrugated material contracts (you choose the vendor).
  • Create cuts, creases and perforations in length- and crosswise direction with the patented multi-purpose tools.
  • Produce complex multi-part boxes (e.g. top and bottom part) in one job.
  • Create digital box designs with the KRAFT Box Designer 2.0 software on any desktop workplace.
  • Operate the machine with the intuitive KRAFT HMI – machine operation alongside job, corrugated and digital design management. All on one interface.
  • The multi-purpose tool sets new standards in terms of capacity, processing quality and precision. Cuts, creases and perforations can be created by each tool.
  • Energy-saving, efficient, resource-savings, without pneumatics.
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Custom Box Making Machine

Cardboard boxes are a classic packaging option, and many industries rely on them to get their products to clients and vendors. However, storing many boxes can take up floor space and turn into a hassle. 

Flat cardboard is easy to store and maintain, and with the right box-making equipment, you can create boxes as you need them. A box-making machine can help you build a large supply of cardboard boxes quickly and efficiently while maximizing your floor space. 

Neway Packaging makes it easy to build boxes for your business. Contact us today and discover how we can help you get started with your industrial box-maker machine. 

The Basics of Box Making Equipment

Box-making machines cut, crease and fold cardboard along specific patterns to create unique boxes. The Kraft VPS 100 Make-N-Ship™ Box Making Machine is an automatic box-making and cutting machine that takes the work out of building shipping containers. You can make and ship the boxes directly from your warehouse or storage facility and create just as many as you need.

The VPS 100 makes it easy to design and create your own boxes. With the intuitive touch-screen controls, you can program your designs straight to the machine. If you have specific dimensions in mind, the VPS 100 can crease and cut the cardboard so it folds together easily. Additionally, the KRAFT Box Designer 2.0 program can be accessed from any desktop computer. 

Pre-made boxes fold together, but you can also apply an adhesive or tape for extra security. If you need custom boxes for your unique products, consider how the Kraft VPS 100 from Neway Packaging can elevate your business. Browse our custom box and packaging solutions to see how we can help you improve your packaging system. 

Advantages of a Box Making Machine 

A cardboard box machine such as the Kraft VPS 100 can help your business accomplish several goals. The VPS 100 can: 

  • Reduce costs: Instead of paying for pre-made materials and outsourcing, you can create your boxes locally. You can also save on cushioning by making boxes that perfectly fit your products. 
  • Shrink your carbon footprint: With a box-making machine, you can reduce packaging fillers and waste material. Preventing waste helps reduce your carbon footprint as a business. 
  • Create custom-sized packaging: No one knows your products like you do. You can create the perfect-sized boxes for your inventory without waste. 
  • Improve efficiency: You won't have to wait for a packaging company to handle your products before sending them off to the customer. You can also easily ship one-off sales or low-demand products without having to use special packaging materials. 

Box Making Equipment From Neway Packaging

As a business, we understand that efficiency is an important part of any process. That's why Neway Packaging offers high-quality products and services to help streamline your production. We are your one-stop shop for packaging resources. 

We offer free delivery and warranties on all services. Our custom manufacturing capabilities are tailored to your needs for maximum effectiveness. Contact us online for a free quote or for more information about our box-making machines and services.