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Shipping products wholesale requires the right equipment to keep your items in place. Stretch wrap is one way to protect your pallets and materials from shifting during transportation. Secure your shipments with a pallet wrapping machine from Neway Packaging.

When you use stretch wrapping to secure materials, you can trust that your items will stay safely in one spot. We are your one-stop shop for stretch wrapping equipment so you can better protect your investments and deliver quality services to your clients.

Find all the stretch wrapping equipment you need from Neway Packaging and start shipping safely.

What Is Stretch Pallet Wrapping?

Stretch wrapping is a highly flexible plastic film wrapped around materials to secure them together and attach them to a pallet. The elastic construction tightly binds the product together without requiring adhesive application. Stretch wrapping protects against dust, moisture, tampering and even sunlight. It also helps extend the shelf life of certain products.

There are three basic types of stretch wrapping methods:

Hand: One or two employees circle the pallet with film or use a turntable stretch wrapper to wrap the pallet manually.


Automatic: The machine loads the pallet, feeds it into the wrap zone and unloads it automatically.


Semi-automatic: An operator loads and unloads the machine, starts the wrapping process and makes any necessary adjustments.
To dispense the film onto the product, you can choose one of our stretch film dispensers. We partner with popular industry leaders such as Cousins, Orion and Aetna to source equipment, and we have supplies for all methods of stretch wrapping.

Our Premier 2000 and Muscle Wrap films are strong, easy-to-use products that work well with our various packaging machines. We offer both hand wrap film and machine wrap film to suit however you choose to wrap your shipments. Speak with us to discuss which method is best for your shipment needs.

How to Use Stretch Wrapping at Your Business

Operators can use stretch wrap for both shipment and storage. If you want to keep your products securely together, stretch wrap is a great option for all industries. Stretch wrap machines:

Reduce waste: Wraps secure products during shipment and storage so they will not fall or incur damage. They enhance your delivery service and professional image.

 Increase efficiency: Wrapping machines can save energy and give you beautifully wrapped pallets quickly. With the right equipment from Neway, you can save time on wrapping pallets and increase your facility's efficiency.

 Promote consistency: Whether you choose semi-automatic or automatic pallet wrapping machines, you can better control your pallet loads' size. Having consistent pallet weights can help make the shipping process easier.

If you're ready to find the best stretch wrapping equipment for your needs, contact Neway Packaging to speak to an expert and get a free quote today.

Stretch Wrap Machines From Neway Packaging

At Neway Packaging, we pride ourselves on quality products and services that are unique to each business. Our custom manufacturing capabilities ensure that your equipment is tailored for your purposes. We also offer free shipping and guaranteed warranties on our service to keep your operations flowing smoothly. Figure out what stretch wrapper is right for you and your company!

We're here to help you get the most out of your stretch wrapping equipment. Contact us online for a free quote or to request more information.