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Case sealer equipment is essential for many packaging and distribution operations. With the right machinery, you can streamline production and transport packages securely. Case sealers and tapers create sturdy seals on every item so you can have peace of mind when you send out a product.

Whether you want to replace your old case sealer or upgrade your machinery to a fully automated system, Neway Packaging can help. Our comprehensive inventory includes case taping equipment for every business. Find suitable materials for your company from Neway Packaging.

What Is a Case Sealer?

A case sealer is a machine that tapes or seals corrugated boxes. Production managers place case sealers at the end of a conveyor line as a final step to the packaging process. Tapers seal the box with a pre-selected adhesive and ensure proper closure.

The Benefits of Case Sealers

Sealing is a crucial final stage in the material handling business. Case sealers simplify this and relieve some of the workload.

The benefits of case sealers include:

Protection: Taped seals repel water, dirt and dust. They also prevent tampering and damage during shipping.
Efficiency: A case sealer can handle the final production steps so your operators can work on other tasks. This machine delivers consistent results with every package.
Cost: With manual taping, you might spend more money on extra tape. Case sealers control tape usage and save you money over time.

Types of Case Sealers

There are many types of tape sealers on the market, each of which has unique perks. The main difference between each model is the automation level.

The types of available case sealers include:
Automatic: Operators do not need to fold box flaps or load an automatic case sealer.
Semi-automatic: Operators have to load and fold the flaps on a semi-auto case sealer.
Uniform: Uniform machines handle one size box at a time. They have preset settings that an operator changes with each box's size.
Random: Random machines automatically adjust to the box size for each package without needing to accommodate the change.

When you use a case sealer from Neway Packaging, you experience these benefits firsthand.

Our Available Inventory

Finding a case sealer machine is simple with Neway Packaging's inclusive inventory. We carry case sealers from industry-leading brands such as Loveshaw, IPG, Berran and Wexxar Bel. We collaborate with experienced manufacturers and provide quality packaging solutions for each of our clients.

For small operations, an IPG semi-automatic case sealer is a reliable choice requiring little maintenance. Automatic case sealers from Berran are ideal for large companies that deal with high quantities or those that want to automate their workflow entirely.

Neway Packaging can help you find the perfect fit if you are unsure which case sealer is best for your business.

Order Today With Neway Packaging

Neway Packaging is your one-stop shop for packaging equipment. With 44 years of experience, we have helped countless businesses find the right tools to enhance their production. We rely on our seven convenient distribution centers to send your equipment to you as soon as possible.

To find out more about our case sealers and tapers, contact us online or call us at 310-898-3400. We will help you find the perfect fit for your business.