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Cushioning Products 

The right cushioning is a crucial step in the packaging process. You need package cushioning that protects your products from damage and shock and presents well for the end user. The final component is choosing material cushioning that meets your budget. The nature of the items you are shipping will impact the solutions your business needs.

Type of Box Cushioning Products

Package cushioning is essential for shock absorption and protects your products during handling and shipment. A range of solutions is available depending on your requirements and the level of insulation you need.

1. Air Pillows

Air pillows are tear-resistant, robust and reusable. They offer excellent transit protection and serve as beneficial package cushioning, offering:

  • Superior safety: Air pillows protect and brace items during product shipping and handling. They secure items within, offering superb protection. 
  • Ultimate flexibility: These cushioning elements come in various sizes, materials and durability levels, offering your business the ideal solution within your price point. 
  • Lightweight design: Air pillows have a near-weightless void fill, helping you save money on transportation costs. 
  • Excellent product presentation: The product reveal is "clean," and the pillows can be easily removed, discarded or reused. 

2. Bubble Bags and Rolls

Packaging bubble wrap has been popular since the 1960s. The light, durable and diverse packaging material is ideal for shipping fragile options. 

Bubble wrap sleeves or pouches are protective bags that allow you to seal your products in cushioning material. Bubble rolls offer flexible, plastic and air pocket insulation, protecting items of various shapes and sizes.

Using bubble wrap cushioning has multiple benefits:

  • Excellent insulator: Bubble wrap is exceptional for keeping goods secure and safe in transit. Handling and shipping can be rough. Bubble cushioning creates a sturdy barrier and can withstand significant impacts when doubled or tripled and combined with high-quality corrugated boxes. 
  • Reusable: It is always beneficial to the environment if materials can be reused. Bubble bags and rolls are effective and high-quality, allowing recipients to use them again. 
  • Relatively weightless: The airy void-filling material offers ultimate durability while being lightweight. This characteristic helps you save on shipping costs. 
  • Affordable: Bubble bags and rolls are cost-effective packing solutions, so they remain popular as cushioning among various industries.
  • Versatile: The plastic wraps perfectly around various shapes and sizes, making it well-suited for multiple products. 
  • Protective barrier: Bubble pouches protect items from temperature changes, dust, dirt and water.

3. Foam Cushions and Rolls

Foam cushioning protects products from impact, changing temperatures, static, microorganisms and chemicals. It doesn't chip or scratch fragile items and comes in various densities and sizes to accommodate your needs.

Foam cushioning is available in anti-static varieties, making it suitable for wrapping electronics and other products that can be damaged by shock or friction. The anti-static foam is available in pink to make it easy to distinguish. You can order the foam rolls perforated or cut, making wrapping items a cinch. 

4. Peanuts

Packaging peanuts are traditionally made from polystyrene, while biodegradable varieties consist of natural materials like wheat and cornstarch. This loose-fill packaging and cushioning material protects fragile products during handling and shipping. Packaging peanuts are also great fillers to prevent objects from moving around in the package.

Advantages of using packing peanuts:

  • 360 protection: With packaging peanuts, you can fill up a box or container halfway, place an item inside and fill it the rest of the way. This ability means that products have 360 protection and won't move. You can also press items into the peanuts, securing and protecting them further.
  • Reusable: This material's durability means you can reuse it.
  • Cost-effective: Peanuts are affordable, making them an economical cushioning option. 
  • Biodegradable options: When made from natural materials, peanuts break down and can be recycled. 

5. Singleface Corrugated Rolls

Singleface corrugated rolls are a versatile and resilient wrapping material used in various industries as void fillers, cushioning and protective film. They consist of two layers of paper — an outer layer and fluting that comes in custom-cut sizes or rolls. The corrugated rolls are ideal for protecting irregular, large and small shaped objects.

These cushioning rolls are made from 100% recyclable materials, originate from renewable energy sources and are used in various industrial, decorative and retail applications.

Corrugated Cushioning Products From Neway Packaging

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