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Exfilm Shrink Wrap Products

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Exfilm Shrink Wrap Products

Shrink film wrap is a popular material used to wrap products ranging from DVDs to books to cosmetics. Encasing product boxes or care items safeguards them from damage and ensures they look brand-new on store shelves.

Shrink film is a crucial component for many companies. Without the right protective packaging, products can shift against one another, leak, take on moisture and sustain other damage, leading to lost sales and wasted items. Wrapping your products with shrink film is an efficient way to keep products in good condition. Consider Neway Packaging whenever you need to restock your shrink wrap film. We carry various shrink film options to help businesses in multiple industries wrap their products and packages.

What Is Shrink Film?

Shrink film is a plastic polymer material used to package goods and pallets. To get the full effect of shrink film, you must have a heat source like a heat gun or conveyor heat tunnel. Shrink wrap gets its name because the film shrinks, conforming to the shape of the item or package once the heat hits it. As a result, your products are encased in a clear, durable covering that will protect the contents.

Why Use Shrink Wrap?

Protecting products is a priority for businesses across a diverse range of industries. Shrink wrap is an excellent option for bundling several products together. 

Loading, transporting and unloading shipments can cause items to shift, and you have little control over how your products are handled once they leave your facility. Shrink wrap helps ensure items have strong packaging that preserves the contents inside. The durable film keeps everything intact, protecting the products from damage that would otherwise make them unsellable and affect your bottom line. The wrap also keeps stores from placing stickers and other labels directly on the item so users will not damage the product by peeling them off. 

Your products will have a professional look and be tamper-evident when wrapped in shrink film. Other benefits of shrink wrap include bundling items into multipacks. Shrink bundling wrap works for smaller objects, like water bottles, and larger products, such as boats.

Shrink film also has other capabilities to ensure products remain secure. Shrink sleeves provide tamper-evident closures on items like bottles. Some products may use a full-body shrink sleeve that acts as the label. Additionally, other shrink films focus on enhancing the package's graphics with an exceedingly clear wrap.

Types of Shrink Wrap Film

Shrink film comes in various thicknesses and sizes to accommodate unique requirements. This film can also be made from different materials. Shrink film's versatile capabilities make it a popular option for packaging products and pallets, regardless of the type you choose. 


Polyolefin is commonly used for shrink wrap. This material offers extreme versatility and durability, making it an optimal choice for shrink film. Businesses choose polyolefin shrink wrap for its array of advantages, including:

  • High tensile strength
  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Puncture resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Seal strength
  • Versatility

Polyolefin is also deemed food-safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which also helps increase the film's popularity for wrapping. Shrink film made from this material can contain special additives to customize your products' presentation. The film can even feature colors and designs to offer a more aesthetically pleasing visual or provide crucial information on the packaging.

Ultimately, polyolefin is highly versatile and gives items a glossy shine, making individual products or bundled items attract attention. Common items that are wrapped in polyolefin shrink film include:

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Food
  • Games
  • Stationary

You can use polyolefin to wrap almost anything in a retail store.


Polyethylene is another type of shrink wrap material. This film is made from polyolefin and contains an additive for enhanced flexibility and strength. It has three forms — high-density, low-density and linear low-density polyethylene. These types are utilized in several ways, from bundling larger items like beverages to wrapping products for industrial applications, such as pallet wrapping.

The best material for your shrink wrapping applications depends on your business's specific needs. Linear, low-density polyethylene shrink film might be the correct option if you need a strong and durable material for wrapping large and heavy items, such as water bottle cases. Conversely, high-density polyethylene shrink wrap is more suitable for thinner packaging applications, like cereal box liners and household items.

Shop Shrink Wrap at Neway Packaging

Neway Packaging is here to help you receive the packaging materials required to keep your production efficiency rates high and products safe. We carry several kinds of shrink film for sale, so you can purchase the type that works best for your business's needs. Every shrink film roll is machine compatible to make your production processes fast, even if the device is older.

Your shrink wrap will have the clarity and gloss your products need to stay protected and shine. Discover shrink films that will keep your products safe from the production line to store shelves.

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