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IPG CE-12P/3 Automatic Case Erector

IPG CE-12P/3 Automatic Case Erector

Item #: 601115

Interpack’s CE Series Vertical Format Case Erectors are operator free, automatic machines that will form a knocked down uniform sized case, fold the bottom four flaps and apply pressure sensitive carton sealing tape to the bottom of RSC or HSC style cases. These vertical format case erectors offer an expanded range of case sizes versus horizontal format erectors. These compact footprints conserve floor space while improving productivity. Pricing varies based on features

IPG CE-12P/3” Automatic Case Erector with Powered Hopper (with 3in tape heads)

with 3in tape heads

  • Processes up to 12 cases per minute
  • Folds four bottom flaps pneumatically in the staionary position
  • Rapid case size set up with no tools or change parts
  • Standard casters, case on demand eye, low tape and no tape detection
  • Analog counter simplify case size set up
  • Powered hopper has 48” of capacity (approx. 135-150 RSC cases)
  • Up to six vacuum cups positively withdraw the case from the hopper
  • Powered hopper lift
  • Visual and audible alarms for case erect failure
  • Spring loaded side belt drive propels the case through case taping
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Interpack Case Erectors

Case erectors provide a practical packaging solution for boosting productivity, reducing manual labor and decreasing potential strain from repetitive motion. Neway Packaging offers automated, high-performing Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) Interpack equipment to help your facility gain these advantages at competitive prices.

Benefits of Choosing Interpack Vertical Case Erectors

IPG has been a global leader in packaging tapes and complementary equipment, introducing operational efficiencies worldwide since 1981. Additional reasons to opt for IPG Interpack-branded equipment include:

  • Unrivaled industry expertise.
  • High-quality components and construction.
  • Innovative design.
  • Consistent investments in product development and improvement.
  • A solid distributor network providing in-depth product support.

IPG CE-12P/3 Automatic Case Erector

The CE-12P/3 is the premier choice if you want an automatic case erector. 

Operator-Free Operation and Simple Setups

With fully automated box assembly, the IPG CE-12P/3 offers completely operator-free performance. This model erects both regular-slotted containers (RSC) and half-slotted containers (HSC) for flexibility. The machine boasts up to six vacuum cups to pull cartons from the powered hopper before pneumatic handlers fold flaps and apply carton-sealing tape.

IPG has also included analog counters for effortless setups. Workers can quickly and easily configure the machine to carton size without specialized knowledge or tools. Alarms and automated tape-level sensors notify nearby crewmembers when intervention is needed, so they can focus more on other tasks.

High-Volume Capacity and Versatility

The IPG CE-12P/3 is a high-performance machine capable of processing up to 12 cases each minute. IPG has also outfitted the equipment with a generous hopper totaling 48 inches of carton capacity — enough to hold between 135 and 150 RSC cases at once.

In addition to its speed, this erector uses a compact and versatile vertical-format design. This approach translates to broader carton size options while occupying less floor space.

IPG's CE-12P/3 is compatible with many pressure-sensitive carton-sealing tapes, including natural rubber and hot melt styles.

Affordability and Optional Accessories

IPG has crafted the CE-12P/3 for value with robust technology at budget-friendly costs. Optional upgrades include:

  • Wider 3-inch tape heads.
  • A spare parts kit for tape heads.
  • ET Xtreme™ tape heads.

Pricing differs based on the custom options you select.

Why Partner With Neway Packaging for Interpack Automatic Case Erectors?

Neway Packaging is a family-owned company with origins dating back to 1977. As a result of our time in this industry, our team members are product experts. Other benefits of choosing us for packaging solutions include:

  • Unmatched value: We gladly provide free quotes with transparent pricing. All deliveries come at no additional charge from our seven countrywide distribution locations to meet your just-in-time management values.
  • Selection: We carry an extensive inventory of solutions, from packaging equipment to stretch film and other supplies. Plus, we have an expansive vendor ecosystem that enables us to find and distribute the industry's best products.
  • Superior customer support: We believe in creating lasting customer relationships at Neway Packaging. Our team offers exceptional service, technical knowledge and repair assistance at every step.

Contact Neway Packaging for Interpack Equipment

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