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Berran Automatic Case Sealing Equipment

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Berran Eagle T100 Side Belt Drive Case

Berran Eagle T100 Side Belt Drive Case

Item #: 608373

The side belt drives ensure proper carton sealing even with cartons that are short in height, but have an extended length. Best suited for medium volume production. Pricing varies based on features

Berran Eagle T100 Side Belt Drive Case Sealer


  • Tape head can accept 2” or 3” tape with simple adjustments
  • Side drive belts
  • Locking casters
  • Top squeezers
  • Dual mast
  • Top and bottom tape heads
  • Extension roller tables
  • Available options: high-speed motors, roller conveyor, extended working height, indexer, hold-down attachment, low tape sensor, broken tape sensor.
$3,300.00 /EA

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When it comes to your business, mailing your products safely is just as important as making them. Between online orders and retail fulfillment, you have to ensure your packages get where they need to be securely and intact. To accomplish those goals, you need a surefire method of sealing every box that leaves your warehouse. A case sealer does the job perfectly.

Neway Packaging carries a selection of carton sealers from top brands like Berran so you can find the right machine for you at any time. We want your business to be capable of sending out as many packages as you need to meet demand and satisfy your sales goals. At Neway, we'll make sure machine downtime and packaging bottlenecks become a thing of the past.

Types of Case Sealers

Most case sealers are defined by their automation process — manual, semi-automatic and automatic. As their distinctions suggest, manual-operated tapers require the most operator assistance. You may have to load and move the package through each step of the sealing process. Semi-automatic tapers need less assistance, but operators must still be on hand to load the packages.

For the most efficient packaging possible, automatic case sealers are an excellent choice. You'll be able to get through a higher volume of packages every minute, enabling you to keep up with demand. They're most effective in medium to high-volume operations.

The Eagle T100 Side Belt Drive Case from Berran is ideal for most medium-volume warehouses. Side drive belts push every package through while top and bottom tape heads secure both ends of the box. Thanks to its extended roller tables, it's suitable for packages that are long in length and short in height. It can accommodate 2-inch and 3-inch tape heads, depending on your preference.

Berran Equipment at Neway Packaging

Berran's team of engineers has more than 100 years of combined experience and they use every bit of it to manufacture their packaging equipment, like automatic case sealers. Since they take such pride in their work, you can feel confident that when you get a Berran product, you're getting strong, durable machinery that will be by your side for every package you distribute.

Furthermore, when you purchase your next Berran case sealer from Neway Packaging, you'll have our technicians for support from the moment of delivery. We'll help you through the installation process and train your operators to ensure they know how to handle minor concerns. We also offer preventative maintenance to keep repairs and downtime to a minimum.

Connect With Our Technicians

Let Berran and Neway become your allies in selling, transporting and distributing your products. We're here to help you enhance your bottom line and ensure that every package that leaves your plant is sealed and ready to travel anywhere in the world.

To learn more about our case sealers and how we keep them running, connect with Neway technicians online or over the phone at 310-898-3400. Add one to your cart today and see why we're passionate about these machines!