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Loveshaw Semi-Automatic Case Sealers & Taping Equipment

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Loveshaw LD-Xss RTE 2in Semi-Auto

Loveshaw LD-Xss RTE 2in Semi-Auto

Item #: 604888

The LD-Xss is a redesign of our revolutionary wash down stainless steel case sealer. It is the ideal case sealing solution for ready to eat or cooked food processing operations tha ttake extra precautions to eliminate bacteria and other food-born pathogens. Pricing varies based on features

Loveshaw Little David LD-Xss RTE 2in Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

Stainless Steel Uniform Case Sealer

  • No hallow tubular components that can breach and harbor bacteria
  • Angled surfaces maximize water shedding
  • Open design ensures all contact surfaces can be sanitized
  • Standoffs used to minimize overlapping joints fo rfull access while cleaning
  • Expansive case range
  • Quick release drive belts can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds, not minutes
  • Easy access motor for quick change time
  • Adjustable height levelers
  • Top drive assembly travels on hardened steel components
  • Long lasting non-contact sensors activate height and width adjustments
  • Quick disconnect electrical cableing
  • Center fixed E-Stop
  • Locking knife guard
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From retail distribution to direct delivery and online sales, sending out products is an essential service for any business. Still, boxing up packages and ensuring they're secure for transport can be a tedious project. Having machines to speed up and streamline the process is vital when you're sending out a significant number of packages every day.

At Neway Packaging, we know how important it is to have an efficient process for distributing your goods. We've partnered with some of the best brands on the market to ensure you get everything you need to package up your goods and send them on their way. Our Loveshaw case sealers will have your boxes ready to go in seconds.

Types of Carton Sealers

When it comes to carton sealers, you may encounter automatic, manual and semi-automatic tapers. Automatic sealers complete the entire process for you, from placing your packages on the machine to testing that they're secure and ready for shipment. Manual sealers generally require an operator to move the package around and do a lot of manual labor.

With semi-automatic carton sealers like this collection from Loveshaw, you get the best of both types. After your operator loads the packages onto the machine, it takes care of the rest. This process allows you to control how your stock is fed through the machine while still saving time and ensuring you maximize your profits. 

Tapers like these are necessary in nearly every industry, from parts manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and more. Loveshaw's LD-Xss RTE 2in Semi-Auto is specially equipped to handle food processing and other operations that have high contamination risks. This tape sealer is constructed using wash-down stainless steel, a sturdy material that cleans easily and won't retain bacteria or pathogens. You can ensure that your food products get to their destination safely in their package and ready to sell.

Why Loveshaw at Neway Packaging?

For more than half a century, businesses everywhere have trusted Loveshaw to construct their most vital equipment for packaging. Their quality is unparalleled and provides some of the most reliable results available. When you're exploring your options for case sealers, Loveshaw's brand is a strong contender to fit both low and high-capacity needs.

When you order Loveshaw tapers through Neway, you'll get additional benefits. We'll bring your machine to you and ensure it gets installed right where you need it. Our team sets it up so it's in working order before we leave.

Even after your installation, we'll be available whenever you need us for preventative maintenance, part replacement and any other issues that may disrupt your operations. We want you to get back to work as soon as possible. We'll even train your operators so they can troubleshoot if the situation arises.

Place Your Order Today

Together, Neway Packaging and Loveshaw will ensure you have everything you need to complete your warehouse or manufacturing plant's packaging operations. If you're ready to add our machines to your assembly line, connect with Neway today. You can reach us online or at 310-898-3400. We'll make sure that you're constantly ready to box up your next projects!