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Loveshaw Semi-Automatic

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Loveshaw LD-Xss RTE 2in Semi-Auto

Loveshaw LD-Xss RTE 2in Semi-Auto

Item #: 604888

The LD-Xss is a redesign of our revolutionary wash down stainless steel case sealer. It is the ideal case sealing solution for ready to eat or cooked food processing operations tha ttake extra precautions to eliminate bacteria and other food-born pathogens. Pricing varies based on features

Loveshaw Little David LD-Xss RTE 2in Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

Stainless Steel Uniform Case Sealer

  • No hallow tubular components that can breach and harbor bacteria
  • Angled surfaces maximize water shedding
  • Open design ensures all contact surfaces can be sanitized
  • Standoffs used to minimize overlapping joints fo rfull access while cleaning
  • Expansive case range
  • Quick release drive belts can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds, not minutes
  • Easy access motor for quick change time
  • Adjustable height levelers
  • Top drive assembly travels on hardened steel components
  • Long lasting non-contact sensors activate height and width adjustments
  • Quick disconnect electrical cableing
  • Center fixed E-Stop
  • Locking knife guard
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