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#us2000ad 30mm Digital Bander w/Foot

#us2000ad 30mm Digital Bander w/Foot

Item #: 06082520

The US-2000 machine is designed for heavy use applications. It seals using an ultrasonic weld. Pricing varies based on features

Felins ATS US-2000 AD 30mm Digital Bander

Pedal 360mmx260mm

  • Stand alone bander
  • Digital operator interface and machine controls
  • Unmatched ultrasonic sealing technology
  • Easy to startup, operate, and maintain
  • Extensive selection of banding materials
  • Wide range of arch sizes and customization options
  • Up to 35 bands per minute
  • Fast, clean, controlled weld
  • Weld strength is adjustable from a peelable to a permanent weld
  • No adhesive build-up on the sealing head results in minimal maintenance and band jams
  • Strong weld works well for high tension applications
  • No warm-up time required
  • Cold weld process eliminates the risk of heat damage to the product
  • Most models operate on 115V and do not require compressed air, saving up to $1,400.00 per year in energy costs
  • The machine is ergonomically designed with an adjustable working height of 30”- 39”
$20,195.00 /EA

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Felins ATS MS420 30mm Paper/Plastic

Felins ATS MS420 30mm Paper/Plastic

Item #: 0607231

Felins’ MS Series Banding Machine increases productivity and reduces packaging costs for bundling paper products.

Felins 30mm Tabletop Bander


  • Easy to startup, operate and maintain
  • No warm up time required (impulse start)
  • Long roll dispenser stand available
  • Runs clear plastic, brown and white paper
  • Available in 20mm, 30mm and 50mm models
  • Up to 26 bands per minute
  • Adjustable tension
  • Adjustable impulse heat seal temperature
  • Auto cycle via product presence sensor or manual cycle
  • Paper and plastic materials are interchangeable with no machine modifications required
  • Fixed arch design: banding material can be fed into the arch before product is removed
$7,245.00 /EA

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Felins 2000-6 Offset Paktyer 6in Height

Felins 2000-6 Offset Paktyer 6in Height

Item #: 06082832

The PakTyer 2000™ series tying station is designed to improve productivity by reducing the cycle time of the tying process. By utilizing a state-of-the-art direct drive system, typical wear points are eliminated; gear box and motor are sealed making it resistant to dirt and contamination. Felins tying stations are known for their durability, long term performance and minimal maintenance requirements. The PakTyer 2000™ series allows users to tie a wide variety of products by offering six different model sizes. Pricing varies based on features

Felins PakTyer 2000™ Semi-Automatic Tying Station


  • The PakTyer 2000™ offers increased productivity over the conventional method of hand tying by processing up to 50 single ties or 25 cross ties per minute. Tying up to 3,000 bundles per hour!
  • The built-in string holder and easy thread delivery arm allows for the quick replacement of tying materials. The tying station accommodates 6 to 24 ply cotton twine and a wide variety of synthetic materials including elastomer, twisted poly, and polytape.
  • Easy to operate
  • Tension is adjustable allowing the user to easily change the tension to meet their specific product need.
  • The 2000 series offers users a variety of activation methods to initiate the tying process including foot trip, ultra light or heavy duty automatic trip.
  • Additional options include the Vacuum Tail Removal system (VTR) and an obstruction sensor for added safety.
$6,702.00 /EA

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Banding equipment ties products and boxes together to keep them safe during shipping and transport. Neway Packaging provides several types of digital and tabletop banding equipment. Our tying solutions will help you prepare your products for storage or shipping. Browse our options online to find the best machine for your warehouse.

What Is a Semi-Automatic Tying Station?

Banding equipment bundles products using a strap to keep them safe during warehousing and shipping. The tying station uses sensors to detect the bundle, and a dispenser wraps a band around the product. These bands can be made from plastic, steel, polyester or polypropylene.

The machine wraps the straps around the bundle by rotating it. When the band has wrapped around the product, the tie is cut and secured. Many Felins tabletop banders have sensors, proximity switches and controls to protect the products from getting damaged.

Benefits of a Tabletop Bander

A Felins digital bander offers many advantages for your warehouse, including:

  • Improved structural integrity: Banding products makes them more secure for shipping and improves their structural integrity.
  • Better efficiency: Using a tying station to band packages is more efficient than banding by hand. You can wrap a greater amount of containers in less time.
  • Product security: Banding helps boxes stay together for faster transportation. It also prevents packages from falling and scattering.
  • Reliability: Digital and tabletop banding equipment are more reliable than manual banding. Felins strapping machines use controls to prevent equipment malfunction and have a durable build to protect products. Sensors detect the pressure applied for consistent wrapping without product damage.

The Felins tabletop bander solutions are ideal for small and large amounts of product.

Felins Digital Banders at Neway Packaging

Neway Packaging has several types of Felins semi-automatic tying stations available. Our banding machines include:

  • Automatic strapping machines: Automatic banding equipment bands packages without operator assistance. It can detect where to start and stop wrapping the bundle using sensors.
  • Semi-automatic strapping machines: Semi-automatic machines require an operator for some processes. The operator wraps the straps around the load and starts the strap tightening process.
  • Manual strapping machines: Hand-operated tying machines are portable, allowing operators to wrap pallets anywhere.

Our inventory includes these models:

  • Semi-automatic tying stations: The Offset Pak-Tyer machine uses extreme tension to wrap products. The machine keeps products secure and damage-free during the process.
  • Digital banders: The ATS US-2000 is a semi-automatic banding machine that uses ultrasonic welding for fast and efficient banding. Operators can use numerous configurations for their packages.
  • Tabletop banders: The ATS MS420 is a portable tabletop bander that secures packages using an impulse heat seal. It bands with plastic and paper materials.

Learn More About Felins Digital & Tabletop Banding Equipment

Neway Packaging has been the industry's trusted source for strapping and banding equipment for over 44 years. We help warehouses and other facilities with wrapper installation, service and training to improve their production and material handling processes. Call 310-898-3400 or contact us online for more information about our Felins tabletop banders.