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Strapping Tools

Strapping Tools

Strapping tools are some of the most valuable pieces of equipment you'll find in any warehouse or packaging facility. Safe shipping and transportation are crucial for protecting your products. Strapping tools help secure packages together and prevent damage.

Neway Packaging has numerous strapping tools and equipment to help you improve your process. We carry high-quality strapping materials from leading industry brands. We can help you find the perfect solution to your packaging system. 

What Is Strapping?

Strapping involves attaching a strap around a product to secure it into place. The strapping material can be textile, metal or plastic, depending on the industry and product. This final packaging phase happens before shipment or storage to ensure all items stay in place. 

Some strapping uses include: 

  • Bundling items together for shipment. 
  • Attaching items to a flatbed or pallet. 
  • Closing boxes or shipping containers. 
  • Securing loads within trailers and trucks. 
  • Compiling bricks together with metal straps

Strapping Components

Strapping systems consist of multiple elements. You can use many other accessories to enhance the strapping process and create the perfect wrap for every unit. 

Some extra tools we carry include: 

  • Strapping tensioners: Increase the strapping tension for a secure hold on the product. 
  • Strapping sealers: These items seal the end of the strapping material to prevent loose or broken strapping. 
  • Strapping shears: Shears are useful for cutting off extra metal strapping material.
  • Combination Tools: These tools provide a one step method to tension, seal, and cut strapping.

These tools ensure the strapping material is properly in place. Neway Packaging carries various types of each accessory, along with our strapping tools and materials. 

Strapping Tools From Neway Packaging

We carry all the equipment you need for a successful, efficient strapping process. Our inventory includes battery-operated and pneumatic strapping tools. 

Battery-operated strapping tools require less pressure when applying the strapping material to your products. Battery-operated models are typically lightweight and portable, and they can handle drops from elevated surfaces. We carry battery-operated tools from brands such as Polychem, Fromm, Orgapack and Signode.

Pneumatic tools require more strength to wrap products, but they are tough and can withstand hours of use. They need no energy source, so you can pick them up and start working. We carry three different models from Polychem to help you strap and secure your products with ease. 

We have strapping tensioners, shears, sealers, and combination tools. to help you with every part of the strapping process. When you shop with Neway Packaging, you'll get a well-rounded, guided experience and reliable tools and equipment.

Contact Us to Learn More

Neway Packaging is a leading distributor of trusted industry brands. We have 44 years of experience in helping businesses strengthen their production and material handling operations. We work with you to find a custom-fit solution for your company. 

We value long-lasting results. That's why we offer in-house installation, training and repairs. Our goal is to maximize your equipment usage and efficiency. 

Find out more about our case sealers and tapers by contacting us online or calling us at 310-898-3400. Start today with an online quote and streamline your production with Neway Packaging.