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Felins US2000 30mm Loop Bander

Item #: 06082287

Product Info

The US-2000 machine is designed for heavy use applications. It seals using an ultrasonic weld. Pricing varies based on features

Felins US2000 30mm Loop Bander Open Arch Machine

Open Arch Machine

  • Easy to startup, operate, and maintain
  • Extensive selection of banding materials
  • Wide range of arch sizes and customization options
  • Up to 35 bands per minute
  • Fast, clean, controlled weld
  • Weld strength is adjustable from a peelable to a permanent weld
  • No adhesive build-up on the sealing head results in minimal maintenance and band jams
  • Strong weld works well for high tension applications
  • No warm-up time required
  • Cold weld process eliminates the risk of heat damage to the product
  • Most models operate on 115V and do not require compressed air, saving up to $1,400.00 per year in energy costs
  • The machine is ergonomically designed with an adjustable working height of 30”- 39”
$18,990.00 /EA

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