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Bubble Packaging

Bubble wrap is among the market's lightest void fills for protecting your most fragile and delicate products during shipping, moving and storage. Bubble packaging consists of many small pockets filled with air surrounded by lightweight layers of plastic film for structure and added durability. Because of their superior protective ability, affordability and ease of use, bubblewrap rolls and pouches are prominent across a comprehensive application range, particularly in the growing e-commerce industry.

Types of Bubble Bags and Plastic Wrapping We Offer

At Neway Packaging, our team is committed to offering our customers an extensive range of packaging solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our on-hand inventory of bubble wrap and bags represents one of our most diverse packaging offerings. Options range in various lengths, widths, thicknesses and colors to deliver optimal solutions for products of all sizes, shapes and weights.

Our in-stock selection of bubble packaging includes the following products available for immediate shipment:

  • Bubble-out bags:Bubble-out bags feature bubbles inside and outside the pouch, delivering all the necessary protection for your products during shipping. We offer these self-seal bags in various sizes and bubble thicknesses to meet your packaging requirements, including pink anti-static items for sensitive electronic products.
  • Bubble rolls:Bubblewrap rolls are among the most versatile and cost-effective solutions for protecting products during shipping. We supply rolls in various widths, lengths and bubble thicknesses, providing numerous options to maximize packaging efficiency. Besides offering green-colored rolls that are more eco-friendly, we feature pink anti-stat rolls to protect your most sensitive electronic components.

Discover More With Neway Packaging Today

If you want to learn more about bubble packaging and how our products can benefit your shipping application, the experts at Neway Packaging can guide you. For decades, we have helped our customers choose the most practical and cost-effective solutions for their needs. Call 310-898-3400 or contact us online for more information or a customized quote.