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BestCode Printing & Case Coding Equipment

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Best Code Model 88 CIJ Printer

Item #: 609813

The BestCode Model 88 is targeted at high speed, high use applications, printing 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines of text, barcodes or graphics. A complete range of dye and soft pigmented inks available in a variety of colors for a wide range of applications. BestCode systems are fully programmable and have EcoTec™ Fluid Management making it the most efficient CIJ printer.

Typical applications mark and code one, two or three shifts per day or 24/7 operations, five to seven days per week, averaging 4,000 — 8,760 hour annual operation. Utilize integrated RS232 and programmable inputs\outputs for remote control and communications.

  • Print real-time: Best By, Lot Code, Sell By, Expiration Codes and other identifying marks to any substrate
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines of text, graphics and barcodes
  • Image height: from .06” (1.5 mm) to .75” (19 mm)
  • Non-contact printing: Ink throw distances from .5” (12 mm) up to 2” (50 mm)
  • Print Speeds:
    - single line of print up to 1500 feet/minute (470 meters/minute)
    - two lines of print up to 345 feet/minute (108 meters/minute
    - three lines of print up to 173 feet/minute (54 meters/minute)
    - four lines of print up to 119 feet/minutes (36 meters/minute)
    - five lines of print up to 114 feet/minute (35 meters/minute)
$9,995.00 /EA

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Bestcode 82 CIJ Printer

Item #: 609919

Your innovative solution for industrial printing, coding and marking! BestCode’s complete range of IP65 rated marking and coding systems are simplified to allow anyone to operate, minimizing operator touches, extending time between human interaction and lowering total cost of ownership. Widely used in the food, beverage and healthcare industries and designed for extreme environments. Pricing varies based on features

Bestcode 82 CIJ Printer

  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Easy to use interface
  • Minimal downtime
  • Small footprint
  • Low replacement costs
  • Icon-based system, similar to an iPhone
  • DIY filter replacement, saving time and money!
  • 10.4” color touch screen
  • OneTouch™ operating system
  • AutoOff™ go home button
  • Up-to-date system
  • High speed printing
  • True non-contact printing
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When you work in packaging for food materials, pharmaceuticals, perishable products, and a lot of other products you want to clearly indicate packaging dates, lot codes, sell-by dates and expiration dates. A continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) allows you to print on plastic, glass, paper and other materials in a clear, consistent typeface, streamlining your process so you can do more of the work that matters.

Neway Packaging offers you the best CIJs available from BestCode. Whatever your application needs require, this system can do the job and keep your assembly lines moving, providing you with a stronger bottom line.

Coding Equipment Designed for Extreme Environments

Adding print to containers is helpful in nearly every industry. When you put unique codes on every product, you can track where they go and how they're used. Putting “sell by” or “best by” expiration dates on products lets consumers know when their product is no longer safe or effective for use. You can even put warnings against storing or using a product in a certain way to maintain safety. 

To use any of those labels, you'll need a machine that can efficiently and permanently attach text to any material you use to manufacture your products. Inkjet printers are an excellent solution, though you must ensure you find one that works as quickly as the rest of your production and packaging lines.

With that in mind, everything about the BestCode 82 CIJ Printer is designed for ease of operation and lack of contamination. Its simple-to-use interface and icon-based system means it takes only minutes for you to create your message and start the printing process. As a no-touch system, it can print on a variety of products without risking cross-contamination or operator interference. Additionally, many of the components are easily replaced, so if something stops working, you can get back up and running almost immediately.

BestCode Inkjets at Neway Packaging

BestCode prides itself on its continuous innovations regarding CIJs and case coding equipment like the ones we offer at Neway Packaging. This machine has allowed companies to run non-contact printing operations at up to 600 feet per minute at a 2-inch distance from the product. With simplified systems that anyone can operate, BestCode has revolutionized the way you print.

When you buy your BestCode continuous inkjet printer, make sure you're ordering from Neway Packaging for even more benefits. Along with the incredible craftsmanship of BestCode, you get the technical expertise of our professionals. If you come across an error you can't fix, we'll be by your side to fix your machine and get you back to work as soon as possible.

Get Started Today With Our Coding Equipment

Print code on every product you produce with BestCode's continuous inkjet printer. Neway Packaging will make sure your order is on its way as soon as possible. To learn more about how we can assist you with your printing and packaging needs, contact our technicians today. You can email us online or call 310-898-3400.

Our technicians have spent decades helping install, service and maintain machines just like this. Add it to your cart now and ensure you have constant access to BestCode printing and case coding equipment.