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Orion Shrink Wrap Machines

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Orion Sentry LP Semi-Automatic

Orion Sentry LP Semi-Automatic

Item #: 0601649

The feature-rich Sentry LP or its high profile sibling the Sentry HP are on a level of their own when it comes to entry-level semi-automatic wrappers. Both the Sentry LP & HP utilize Orion’s signature rugged steel construction and durable AC motors, and integrate standard features like a load stabilizing 200% powered pre-stretch, which reduces film consumption to about half of manually wrapped loads, while increasing stability. Pricing varies based on features

Orion Low Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping System Sentry LP (Formerly known as Flex LPS)

Stretch Wrapper

  • User-friendly IntelleVue display panel and controls package, includes pre-programmed recipes and a standard multi-language controller interface
  • 200% powered pre-stretch film carriage with adjustable film tension and safety E-stop obstacle detection
  • Adjustable speed turntable
  • RevoLogic™ technology precisely applies the exact top and bottom wrap counts and ensures home position alignment stops turntable in same position after each cycle
  • Rugged steel construction, forklift portable
  • Automatic load height sensing photo eye
  • Adjustable/separate top & bottom wrap counter
  • Heavy-duty industrial chain drives the carriage and the turntable
$9,534.00 /EA

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Orion Flex LPD Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapper

Orion Flex LPD Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapper

Item #: 06025609

The Orion Flex LPD Turntable Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper was designed and built with economy, efficiency and safe operation in mind. These stretch wrapping machines give you all of the features you need to wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently, using the least amount of stretch film. The Low Profile Deluxe ensures quality product handling. With a full surround deck to protect the turntable, products are kept safe and secure. And for safety in equipment, the Flex LPD is built with a structural steel frame for durability. Pricing varies based on features

Orion Turntable Pallet Wrapper Flex LPD Low Profile Deluxe Stretch Wrapper

Wrap System

  • 7” IntelleVue color, HD touch screen HMI
  • 15 RPM variable speed with “soft start”
  • Revo-Logic technology for precise film application with maximum load containment and film yield
  • Film saving 260% powered film pre-stretch
  • Automatic force to load for even film tension
  • Forklift portable from front or rear
  • Premium efficiency AC motors
  • DuraGlide support rollers for quiet, reliable operation
  • Full surround deck for turntable protection
$20,521.00 /EA

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The Orion stretch wrappers at Neway Packaging prepare pallets and packages for distribution and shipping. The film keeps the items from shifting and moving so they'll stay safe at all times. Neway Packaging has various products available, including semi-automatic wrappers by Orion. Browse our options to find the wrapper your facility needs.

What Is an Orion Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper?

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines have automated features but need an operator for a few processes. The worker places the pallet on the turntable, starts the wrap cycle and cuts the film when the wrapping process is complete. The semi-automatic wrapping machine applies the film to the load. 

The Orion stretch wrapper is best for warehouses with a moderate output volume since it requires human intervention.

Advantages of Orion Pallet Wrapper

Whether your business wants a stretch wrapper to eliminate hand wrapping or improve your equipment setup, adding an Orion stretch wrapper offers many benefits for your operations, including:

  • Reduced film use: Orion semi-automatic stretch wrappers use pre-stretch technology to extend the film to its maximum length. Stretching helps you get more out of the film and save money, as you use less on each pallet.
  • Increased worker safety: The repetitive motions of hand wrapping can strain an operator's legs, arms and back, which can cause injuries. Since semi-automatic wrappers wrap the loads, workers can complete wrapping jobs while staying safe.
  • Better load stability: The Orion Flex stretch wrapper unitizes loads, making the pallet easier to transport and ship. The wrapper applies the film consistently to every pallet, ensuring the load stays safe during transit.
  • Higher productivity: Since Orion stretch wrappers perform faster than hand wrapping, your facility can increase its throughput. You'll be able to wrap more units per hour with higher accuracy.

Orion Pallet Wrappers at Neway Packaging

Neway Packaging has many Orion Sentry stretch wrappers available to meet the demands of your packaging operation. We provide the turntable type of semi-automatic stretch wrappers. Operators use a pallet jack or forklift to place the pallet on the turntable. Then, the turntable rotates the load so that the wrapper can apply the film to the product.

Our available models include:

  • Orion Sentry LP Semi-Automatic: The Orion Sentry LP wrapper is an entry-level semi-automatic machine. The steel construction and load stabilizing pre-stretch keep the load stable. You can adjust the film tension to reduce film consumption and increase stability.
  • Orion Flex LPD Semi-Auto: The Orion Flex stretch wrapper wraps pallet loads quickly and efficiently. It secures pallets with a full-surround deck and has a 15 revolutions per minute (RPM) variable speed to adjust the turntable revolutions. The AC motors have a soft start option and run quietly.

Learn More About Orion Stretch Wrappers Today

Neway Packaging has been a leading distributor for stretch wrappers for over 44 years. We want to help warehouses and other facilities improve their production and material handling processes. We have many trusted brands like Orion in our inventory. Learn more about our Orion stretch wrappers by calling 310-898-3400 or contacting us online.