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Paper Supplies

Janitorial Supplies/Paper Products 

What do schools, offices, retailers and restaurants all need to keep on operating? The answer is paper products, from paper towels to facial tissue to toilet paper. If your business or organization runs out of paper products, you may have to turn away customers or close for the day. Keeping a stock of paper supplies on hand at all times is the key to ongoing operations. 

Neway Packaging offers various types of paper products near you. Contact us today to learn more or place an order. 

What Paper Products Do I Need to Buy?

In general, all types of businesses need to purchase paper towels and toilet tissue. Paper towels allow you to clean up spills quickly and are a must-have in restroom facilities so people can dry their hands. Whether your restroom is open to the public or for employee use only, it must be kept stocked with toilet tissue. 

Facial tissues are a nice-to-have option. You can place a box in your public restroom or store boxes in the stock room for employees to bring to their desks. 

Wholesale Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Wholesale paper products are available in larger sizes than what you find in a retail store. Purchasing wholesale supplies lets you stock up so you're less likely to run out of the products you need. Options include:

The Best Place to Buy Paper Towels in Bulk

Neway Packaging has the paper products required to keep your business running. Our product consultant experts can help you choose the best bulk paper towels and toilet paper for your organization, then work with you to order the correct amount. Contact us today to learn more.