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Sigma Vanish Cast Machine Stretch Film

For those searching for sustainable machine stretch film packaging, we offer Sigma Vanish. You can use this bio-assimilation machine stretch film during packaging and transportation. Our Sigma Vanish stretch film really vanishes into a renewable food source for micro-organisms! For less than 10% added cost, your stretch film can be less damaging to the environment. Sigma Vanish is a perfect solution for many industries.

What Is Bio-Assimilation Machine Stretch Film?

This biodegradable machine stretch film allows you to transform your packaging output. Bio-assimilation is the last part of biodegradation, where the product has officially returned to the planet. Sigma Vanish machine stretch film is a good choice for businesses looking into sustainable alternatives. 

Bio-assimilation results in consumable biomass, which living microorganisms can consume. Sigma Vanish machine stretch film typically lasts for up to two years before this process begins. Once your film has reached the end of its life, you can dispose of and recycle it, and it will biodegrade quicker than other packaging wraps. 

During the breakdown process, the film will not leave any microplastics behind. If the film is not recycled, it will still enter this process, even in a landfill.

How Can You Use Sigma Machine Stretch Film?

Machine stretch film is useful for situations where you will be packaging a large number of products. You use machine stretch film like Sigma Vanish to wrap products on pallets for safety and transportation. Several industries can incorporate biodegradable machine stretch film into their packaging process. When you need to package products efficiently, loading this film into your machine is an excellent idea.

Any industry where you need to transport boxed and bagged products is a contender for this film. Neway Packaging serves industries such as food and beverage, e-commerce, bakery and more. Use Sigma Vanish machine stretch film in your industry today for a secure way to transfer products.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Neway Packaging?

You can enjoy numerous advantages when you purchase Sigma Vanish film from Neway Packaging. Thanks to our significant expertise and background in the packaging industry, we can ensure our entire team is ready to answer your questions. We choose high-quality materials and equipment to help your business succeed.

At Neway Packaging, we work hard to provide excellent customer service. We can answer any question and assist when you need it most. Our goal is to keep as many products in stock as possible, making us a one-stop location for all of your packaging needs. We carry everything from machine stretch wrap to tape, cushioning supplies and equipment. We're proud to offer free quotes and free delivery on our products.

Browse Our Sigma Machine Stretch Film Inventory Today

If your business is searching for a biodegradable machine stretch film, try Sigma Vanish from Neway Packaging. This stretch film is an excellent way to reduce waste and upgrade your practices to become more earth-friendly.

Sigma Vanish is viable for up to two years before the bio-assimilation process begins, meaning you can use it as durable packaging for many types of projects.

Learn more about Sigma Vanish cast machine stretch films by looking through our inventory. If you have questions or want more information, get in touch with Neway Packaging today.


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