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Strapping & Banding Equipment

Strapping machines are great for quickly wrapping small or large amounts of product. A lot of the time, boxes of product need to be securely fastened together to facilitate faster transportation both to and from a truck or train. These machines also help to prevent individual boxes or units from falling apart and scattering over a warehouse floor.

While you can wrap these things by hand, using a strapping machine will cut down on time and costs by automating or speeding up the process. You can look at the results from time for yourself: a hand-operated strapping machine, such as those used by manual workers, can only wrap about 10.2 inches of space per second. While that sounds fast, it’s nothing compared to the speed at which a strapping machine works.

Strapping machines also lowers the number of workers you need to have strapping product. Whereas before you might need a small team to accomplish this work, with a strapping machine you might only need one employee to keep an eye on the machine and perform occasional maintenance. This frees up employee time and energy to be devoted to other pursuits or sources of revenue.

We offer strapping/banding machines in a variety of sizes and types, as well as strapping tools.  If you would like to learn more about how a strapping machine can benefit your business please contact us today!