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Exlfilm GPS 21in 60g S/W Shrink

Exlfilm GPS 21in 60g S/W Shrink
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Exlfilmplus®GPS is a high performance crosslinked polyolefin shrink film. This multilayered film is versatile enough to perform on all sealing systems and shrink tunnels. The premium resin formulation provides our strongest seals ever. Exlfilmplus®GPS offers high shrink force, making it the ideal choice for multi-packing and unitizing product.

Exlfilm GPS 21in 60 gauge single-wound shrink film

Film Prt New Panini on Surface w/ Borders & no Logo Cutoff Bik Ink Wind #1 Job# NPCNEWPAN2100-AA

  • Wide Window of Operation – Performs across a complete range of applications and equipment. Ideal for older equipment
  • Crosslinked Technology – Provides consistent sealing and shrinking at a broader range of temperatures.
  • Superior Sealing Performance – On all types of equipment and sealing technology. Yields cleaner, stronger seals eliminating blowouts. Save time and money on expensive rewraps.
  • High Shrink Force – Ensures greater package integrity for multi-pack applications
  • FDA Compliant – For direct food contact.
  • Printable – For enhanced marketing opportunities
  • Markets: Food Processing / Fulfillment / General Manufacturing / Printing / Contract Packaging
  • Key Performance: Consistently strong seals / Wide operating window / High shrink force
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