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Dispenser Deb Black Touch Free for

Dispenser Deb Black Touch Free for

Item #: 07091192

Compact design, power efficient touch free dispensing system for use with SCJ Professional foaming hand hygiene products

Deb Dispenser Black Touch Free

Instantfoam Sanitizer #TF2BLK

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Clean hands are essential in professional kitchens, retail stores, schools and other environments. Handwashing reduces the spread of germs and helps to keep people healthy. Regular handwashing is required in some environments, such as food service and medical settings. To make it easy for employees, students and visitors to wash their hands, you need to install professional soap dispensers in restroom facilities and by sinks. 

What Is a Hand Soap Machine?

A hand soap machine dispenses soap or hand sanitizer, making it easy for users to clean their hands. Different types of dispensers exist, including push dispensers — which require someone to press a lever to dispense soap — and automatic dispensers — which detect hands placed underneath them.

Benefits of an Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser

Automatic hand wash dispensers have a few benefits over those that use a lever to dispense soap. They are generally more hygienic, as users don't have to touch them. They are also calibrated to dispense the appropriate amount of sanitizer or soap, reducing waste. 

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