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Advanced Poly NetWeigh-Counter

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Advanced Poly NetWeigh-Counter

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UCS-2400 Combination NetWeigh-Counter

UCS-2400 Combination NetWeigh-Counter

Item #: 608711

Model UCS-2400 “Combination” System provides the highest flexibility with multiple functions. As a High Speed Parts Counter, the system uses vibratory bowl technology to feed parts through an optical frame which can detect the smallest of parts. Press one button on the user-friendly touch screen to turn on check-weigh function to ensure the accuracy of the counts. Finally, press the same button to toggle the operation to a net weigh-counting scale. Pricing varies based on features

AD - UCS-2400 from Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. on Vimeo.

Advanced Poly UCS-2400 Combination NetWeigh-Counter

Counter Scale

  • Full color touch screen with user friendly programming
  • Job save/recall recipe settings
  • Simple sampling function for critical photo eye part/scrap settings
  • Scrap parts filtering
  • Auxiliary communications / networking capability
  • Point of use water filter to remove 99.9% of water from air lines
  • This 3-in-1 system includes the following functions never before available in a single machine:1. Vibratory Parts Counter / 2. Check-Weight Scale / 3. Net-Weigh Scale Functioning as a parts counter
  • The UCS-2400 performs to the same standard as our Model UC-2400 and includes:Bulk supply hopper, high-speed stainless-steel bowl/drive, v-track belt for parts separation, High-speed optical frame and accumulating/batch assembly
  • Added check-weigh functionality now makes this an ideal situation for customers demanding perfect counts
  • An auto-correct sequence is also available for undercount situations
  • Alternative mode of net-weigh counting is also available for larger batch count
  • Bulk and dribble feed modes ensure accuracy since individual parts are fed as the final count is reached
  • Multi-mode system is perfect for users who package counts of 1 per bag or hundreds per bag
  • Recipe management allows for fast changeover from one mode to another, with minimal mechanical adjustments
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Advanced Poly NetWeigh-Counters

Parts counting and net weight precision are essential to adhere to your label's advertising and have accurate accounting information. An Advanced Poly NetWeigh-Counter from Neway Packaging helps you stay compliant and exact with goods packaging.

Perks of Advanced Poly Weighing Equipment

Advanced Poly began its journey as a packaging solution specialist in 1979. As the company grew, it invested in additional research and development to deliver products that:

  • Focus on safety.
  • Integrate with existing assets.
  • Provide enjoyable user experiences.
  • Offer incredible durability and low maintenance.
  • Are innovative and cost-effective.

UCS-2400 Combination NetWeigh-Counter

Neway Packaging carries Advanced Poly's UCS-2400 Combination System to provide versatility, ease of use and unmatched support to boost production.

Three-Function Versatility

This Advanced Poly weigher and counter provides flexibility with three separate functions, including:

  • Vibratory parts counter: Count high-volume parts of multiple sizes — even small ones — as the generously sized 24-inch vibratory bowl feeds them through an optical-sensing frame.
  • Check-weigh mode: Verify counts against weights perfectly with easy-to-use touch-screen tools.
  • Net weigh-counting scale: Process larger batch counts with this alternative count verification method.

User-Friendly Experience

Our UCS-2400 equipment also provides a more enjoyable operator experience with features like:

  • A full-color display.
  • Quick and easy programming.
  • Auto-correct functions to remedy miscounts.
  • Job save capabilities for faster setups.
  • Adjustable supply hopper load heights.

Higher-Production Support

The UCS-2400 is ideal for manufacturers of all sizes, with robust support for low- and high-volume packaging needs. This solution includes features like:

  • Integration with other Advanced Poly components, like the T-1000 bagger, as an end-to-end parts packaging solution.
  • Sampling functions to detect and filter scrap parts, ensuring higher quality and increasing consumer satisfaction.
  • An extra-large hopper for more continuous parts feeding before requiring supply refills.
  • Communication and networking capabilities to capture machine performance and production run data.

Why Work With Neway Packaging?

Since 1977, family-owned Neway Packaging has been a trusted and long-term partner to packaging professionals nationwide. We've created lasting relationships through our dedication to:

  • Building a solid supplier ecosystem: We've sourced the market's best manufacturers and partnered with them to bring our customers reliable, high-quality packaging solutions.
  • Delivering superior customer service: Our customer family continues to grow because we go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction and enjoyable interactions.
  • Knowing our products: Our team members have the necessary expertise to help you find the ideal equipment for challenging packaging applications.
  • Carrying a comprehensive inventory: Neway Packaging strives to be a one-stop solution with an extensive selection of packaging equipment, supplies and services.
  • Offering more value: We provide free quotes and complimentary shipping from seven different countrywide distribution locations.
  • Standing behind what we sell: Our products carry a full manufacturer's warranty, and we can repair and maintain them with our highly trained in-house technician team.

Rely on Neway Packaging for Advanced Poly Combination NetWeigh-Counters

When you're ready to add this versatile equipment to your production line, we're here to help make it happen. Contact us for a free quote or call 833-906-3200 to speak with a product expert.