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Texwrap Spartan 2215L Auto L-Sealer

Texwrap Spartan 2215L Auto L-Sealer

Item #: 603283

The 2215 Intermittent Motion L-Seal System offers the best fit in operations where space is a premium, where the need is for a wrapper that is simple and easy to operate, or where budget is a primary concern. The Spartan will run a wide range of product sizes and, with 20-80 feet per minute conveyors and Texwrap’s exclusive Motion Trim technology, will satisfy the production requirements in a wide variety of applications.

Texwrap Spartan 2215L Automatic L-Sealer

  • Laser-cut, heavy steel-frame construction with durable powder-coat finish
  • Maximum film/belt speed 80 FPM for faster throughput
  • 115 volt AC power allows the wrapper to be used with a standard wall outlet
  • New eye-level, easy-reach film scrap winder with film break alarm
  • Compact size allows the machine to be rolled through a 36” man door
  • Texwrap’s exclusive Motion Trim control allows higher production speeds
  • “Constant run” capability allows the infeed conveyor to run continuously for faster product feeding
  • Mushroom seal with one-piece knife for clean cuts, even in the corner
  • Hand wheel on inverter for easy package height adjustment
  • Tool-adjustable seal height
  • HMI panel with simple menus for easy operation
  • Individual solid-state temperature controls for side and cross seal
  • Variable-speed, VFD inverter-duty AC motors
  • Independent front and rear bag length settings
  • Complete guarding package with safety interlocks
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Neway Packaging is here to ensure your production line or manufacturing plant has everything you need to wrap your product.  L-sealer shrink wrapping machines are an excellent way to ensure your product will look amazing, and with a brand like Texwrap, you'll find durability, longevity and increased productivity all at once. Take a look at our options and be sure to add this essential tool to your cart today.

Types of L-Sealers

L-sealers are named for the L-shaped head that heat seals your product into place. When you run your product through an L-sealer, it encloses the stock in a loose bag made of PVC, polyolefin or a similar shrinkable material. As it moves through the machine, heat application shrinks the bag until it perfectly conforms to your products, ensuring they look amazing, just how you need them. L-sealers can generally accommodate a wide variety of product sizes.

L-sealers operate in many ways, whether they're:

  • Automatic: Fully functional without operator intervention.
  • Semi-automatic: Can complete some processes without operator assistance, but need direction frequently.
  • Manual: Assist as directed by the operator to complete processes.

While manual and semi-automatic L-sealers can give you more control over how every inch of your product is wrapped, in most cases, automatic L-sealers are the best option for industry work. Their ability to constantly keep running without operator intervention allows you to wrap more products in a shorter time and maximize your bottom line. 

Texwrap Shrink Wrapping Machines at Neway

Since manufacturers like you find automatic shrink wrapping equipment the best solution for their purposes, that's what we supply from Texwrap. You can use them in a number of applications, including food packaging, parts shipping and many other industries.

The crown jewel of our Texwrap collection is the Spartan 2215 Auto L-Sealer. It's a budget-friendly choice for manufacturers in need of an easy-to-operate, space-conscious machine that can keep up with their demands. It's capable of running up to 80 feet of product every minute and uses Motion Trim technology, a tool exclusive to Texwrap that aids in production speed.

Since 1977, Neway Packaging has strived to provide everything your company needs to complete successful package processing. Our consultants will ensure that you get the tools that fit your needs best. Then, our technicians will bring the tools to you, install them and answer any questions you might have.

Even after we're done with installation, we'll be available via our preventative maintenance program, limiting downtime so you can keep your business moving. We carry all the parts that might need replacing at all times and pride ourselves on our top-level service.

Place Your Order Today

When you need a new L-sealer for your company's operations, come to Neway Packaging. Along with access to the best brands for shrink wrapping machines like Texwrap, we offer installation and servicing assistance and training opportunities so you and your staff know exactly how to handle any concerns. We've spent decades helping warehouses and manufacturers like you.

Contact us at 310-898-3400 or visit us online to learn more about what we do.