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SmiPack L-Sealers, Side Sealers & Hood Packers Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Equipment/Shrink Wrapping/SmiPack L-Sealers, Side Sealers and Hood Packers 

Shrink-wrap solutions are necessary to ensure your product stands out.  A good wrapping solution helps your materials look good and impress people when it makes it to their final destination. . Since transportation is an essential part of your distribution process, you want to have the best shrink wrapping equipment available — that's why Neway Packaging has delivered.

You'll find industrial L-sealers, side sealers hood packers and shrink bundlers from SmiPack, one of the world's top shrink wrapping equipment manufacturers. Our collection of their machines comes straight from the manufacturer so that you can invest in authentic equipment.

Our SmiPack Products

You want to make sure you're getting the right shrink machines to fit your processes. Take a look at our available SmiPack models and how they work so you can make decisions about which products will fit your warehousing needs. These wrappers are reliable machines for nearly any industry, from packaging food products and pharmaceuticals to mechanical products and more.

SmiPack L-Sealers

Semi automatic L-sealers are an excellent choice when you're working with low-volume applications. Their manual applications allow operators to control the dwell time and the seal. They get their name from the distinctive L-shaped seal head that uses films like polyolefin or PVC and heat to seal products. An operator simply loads the product onto a tray and sends it through the sealer. A loose film covers the product and the machine applies heat to fit it snugly in place.

You'll find a number of automatic and semi-automatic L-sealers in our collection, as well as shrink tunnels.

SmiPack Side Sealers

When your packaging operations seem to be never-ending, side sealers from SmiPack are the perfect shrink wrap machines to keep up. Side sealers use a continuous film method to fully encapsulate every product that runs through, sealing them in before separating individual products down the line with a cross seal. Our offerings are best suited for using polypropylene, polyethylene and polyolefin as wrapping mediums.

While L-sealers can accommodate a variance of sizes, side sealers can manage runs of infinite length for maximum flexibility.

SmiPack Hood Packers

Many of SmiPack's hook packers use an L-sealer configuration to secure materials. If you're working with low production needs and just getting started with understanding your company's packaging requirements, hood packers are a great place to start. Machines like the SL series are capable of outputs upwards of 300 packs per hour, which is usually enough to keep up with small to mid-size operations. You'll have your choice between automatic and manual L-seal hood packers.

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With decades of experience procuring and selling industrial shrink wrap machines from top brands like SmiPack, you can feel confident in your purchase every time. If that's not enough, let our experienced technicians install and service your machine whenever necessary — and we'll train your manufacturing or warehouse staff to do the same.

Learn more about everything Neway Packaging can do for you when you contact us online or call 310-898-3400. We'll make sure your business is ready to shrink wrap and distribute at any time.