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Warehouses and manufacturing facilities need shrink-wrap solutions to keep products safe during transportation and delivery. Neway Packaging provides L-sealers, automatic bundlers, bundling tunnels and shrink tunnels by Eastey for these purposes. Browse our product options and learn how they'll help your business today.

Eastey Automatic Bundlers

If your business wants to reduce the labor required to wrap products, automatic bundlers can wrap any product without an operator. Photo eyes see the products passing through the machines and send signals to control conveyors and sealers.

One key advantage of automatic bundlers is saved labor. Since the machine takes care of shrink-wrapping the product, your workers can focus on other tasks.

Our Eastey Professional Series Auto Bundler can complete a bull's eye closure on multi-packed or individual trays and products. It can positively seal various films, like PVC, polyethylene and polyolefin. Wrap products up to 11 inches tall.

Eastey Bundling Tunnels

A bundling tunnel shrinks polyethylene bundling film. A conveyor brings the product into the tunnel, and when it comes out the other side, the product will be completely shrink-wrapped.

Bundling tunnels have variable film speeds for flexibility with any product. Features such as temperature control allow the machine to shrink-wrap various film types.

The Eastey ETB3020 Performance Series bundling tunnel provides positive shrinking of polyethylene film using four-directional variable airflow. Its chamber is 39 inches long for proper shrinking, and operators can control the airflow and air velocity for the application. Cooling fans accelerate the shrinking process.

Eastey Shrink Tunnels

A shrink tunnel creates heat in a tunnel chamber to make packaging smaller. A conveyor brings the package into the tunnel, where heat is recirculated for even distribution.

One benefit of shrink tunnels is their consistency. Operators can adjust the speed of the conveyor to ensure the product sits in the tunnel for the correct time. Changing the heat exposure ensures any material can be shrunk consistently.

The Eastey ET-1608-30 Performance Series shrink tunnel offers superior shrinkage for all packages. Operators can use variable air velocity, variable four-direction airflow and delayed cool down to promote positive shrinking. A belt conveyor brings the package into a ducting tunnel, which is large to allow for more volume.

Eastey L-Sealers

An L-sealer encloses a product with shrink film. The operator places the product on a tray, and the top layer of film covers the item. When the product moves to the sealing area, an L-shaped seal head uses heat to seal a loose bag around it.

L-sealers are ideal for low-volume shrink packaging applications. Operators can use manual L-sealers to seal packages as needed or for a small batch.

Our Eastey EM1622T Performance L-Sealer is designed for positive sealing of films like PVC, polyethylene and polyolefin. The clasps hold the film in place, and a hot wire or knife seals the package. Operators can adjust the dwell time to control the seal. The adjustable product tray fits various item sizes.

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