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Why Partner with an Environmentally Conscious Packaging Company?

When searching for the right packaging company to partner with, you will face a long list of potential companies to choose from. One thing to consider when choosing the right packaging company is making sure they share the same values as you. At Neway, we care about the environment and understand the significant impact our business can have on it.

With the world of online shopping taking over the marketplace, we understand this growth requires increased use of product packaging and shipping around the world. This is why it is important to partner with an eco-friendly packaging company, like Neway Packaging, to prevent harm to the environment.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Neway provides expert packaging consultants to assist with the process of choosing the right dimensions for your packaging, eliminating any waste that might occur otherwise. Reducing the amount of wasted space in your packaging results in lower shipping costs and the use of less material.

Recyclable Products

Neway offers recyclable shipping boxes in all styles, sizes, and configurations. With the use of custom-sized boxes, you avoid shipping excess air and prevent unnecessary void-fill.

Neway also offers recycled natural Kraft carton sealing tape with a water-activated adhesive that contains at least 50% recycled fibers. With this water-activated tape, only one strip of tape is needed to secure each end of a box versus two or more strips of standard packaging tape. Independent testing shows that using water-activated tape is 21% more productive than using standard packing tape and a hand-held tape gun!

With new trends moving customers towards alternative green labeling we now have eco-labels available to our customers. Eco-labels can be found on food products, beverages and cleaning products. By “going green” you can market more easily to the growing population of consumers seeking eco-friendly packaging options.

Lower Cost

The cost of processing and producing recycled materials tends to be lower for environmentally friendly packaging companies. This means savings for our customers!


Neway is a distributor of biodegradable packaging pouches. These pouches are eco-friendly as they disappear within 5 years. This means even if they were thrown out into the environment, they easily disintegrate preventing emissions or other lingering waste into the environment. These pouches can be fully customizable to provide your product with the correct size and also to advertise your brand. This eco-friendly packaging is not printed with any toxic inks or coatings which can lead to dangerous chemicals harming the environment.

About Neway Packaging

Since 1977, Neway Packaging has been committed to partnering with our customers for mutual success and growth. We accomplish this by providing quality products, innovative solutions, excellent customer service, experienced equipment specialists, custom box and packaging solutions and a team of dedicated professionals.

With 7 full-service stocking distribution facilities to serve you, Neway Packaging provides support to a variety of industries, including the freight & logistics, e-commerce, beverage, manufacturing, construction and agriculture sectors.