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Neway Packaging Unveils BestCode CIJ Printer, an Innovative Solution for Printing, Coding & Marking

Are you using a Citronix, Videojet, Domino or any other outdated CIJ printer to print, mark and code? If so, it’s time to replace them with the next best thing in inkjet printing: the BestCode inkjet printer.

BestCode provides a more efficient system with minimal maintenance costs, an easy user interface, minimal downtime, low replacement costs and a small footprint.

BestCode is the most time and cost-effective printer around. This printer offers unique features that their competition doesn’t. BestCode's complete range of IP65 rated marking and coding systems are simplified to allow anyone to operate, minimizing operator touches, extending the time between human interaction and lowering the total cost of ownership. Widely used in the food, beverage and healthcare industries and designed for extreme environments.

With BestCode, you can replace the filtration system yourself, saving time and money, while other competitors’ equipment requires one of their technicians to come in and replace the module, adding labor and parts to the bill.

Another great feature includes the simplicity of message creation with their icon-based system, similar to an iPhone. While other inkjet printers stuck in the past, BestCode provides an up-to-date system with high-speed printing, true non-contact printing, 10.4” color touch screen, OneTouch™ operating system and an AutoOff™ Go Home Button, eliminating time-consuming end of day manual routines.

Neway Packaging can help with your replacement! To learn more, contact Tony Moser at 920-471-0920 or for more information.

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