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Neway Packaging Introduces Innovative Box Making Machine

Make Your Own Right-Sized Boxes
Introducing our Make-N-Ship™ box making machine, intuitively engineered to give you full control to make anything from basic boxes to complex structural packaging, while offering the convenience of ownership through purchase. Our operating system allows for efficient box design, maximizing corrugate yield and minimizing waste.

Make-N-Ship™ Box Making Machine Features:

The Make-N-Ship™ Eco Advantage:
Get optimal use of your storage space while using less waste and a significant reduction of filling material. With the efficiency, Make-N-Ship™ offers, you will experience a reduction in energy and resource usage without pneumatics. Make-N-Ship™requires less corrugated cardboard and lets you make individual boxes instead of using pre-assembled. With precise packaging, you will also see a reduction in delivery costs and less transport damage.

The Multi-Purpose Tool:

With the proper log-in credentials, Make-N-Ship™ offers a multitude of technical information including various comprehensive training videos, electrical diagrams and drawings available that aid in troubleshooting in the event of a fault and easy-to-understand documentation of the machine, including the operating manual. Messages and statuses are automatically filed and can be exported for evaluation purposes.

About Neway Packaging

Since 1977, Neway Packaging has been committed to partnering with our customers for mutual success and growth. We accomplish this by providing quality products, innovative solutions, excellent customer service, experienced equipment specialist, custom box and packaging solutions and a team of dedicated professionals. We provide support to many industries including freight and logistics, e-commerce, bakery, beverage, manufacturing, lumber, exhibit trade shows, construction, distribution warehousing, safety, agriculture and facility maintenance.

Specializing in Packaging Materials & Packaging Equipment

Neway Packaging specializes in providing packaging materials and packaging equipment, such as stretch wrappers, shrink wrappers, case sealers, tapers, strapping systems, labeling systems and much more! We also offer local support, including service and installation. We’re here to help you obtain the right packaging material and equipment at the right price.

Offering Product and Design Consultation

At Neway Packaging, we have a team of talented box makers and designers who can help create what you need! We have the ability to create sample custom boxes and offer graphic design services to customize your product.

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